For A Safe Winter Follow These Fall Skin Care Tips

October 4, 2016

Now, that the days have begun to get shorter, the temperature will continue to drop. The air will become drier causing the skin to lose its precious moisture. Therefore, fall is a season considered more as a time of transition. This is when the right skin care routine can correct the damage caused in the summer. And, in the while prepare the skin for the winter. So, are you ready to commit to a new skin care routine? If, yes, then you will love the amazing skin care tips given below.


Choose a soap free, non foaming cleanser

Using a gel face wash or a cleanser having a good lather is absolutely satisfying for the summers. But, for the fall and the winter make sure not to use these types of cleaners. They can make the skin feel tight within minutes of rinsing them off. They rip off the barrier that protects the skin, causing them to dry out. Instead, use soap free and non lathering cleanser. They have a neutral pH that doesn’t rip off the barrier protecting the skin. To keep your skin beautiful and healthy throughout the year, treat your skin like it’s sensitive, even if it is not.


Make sunscreen your priority

Just because the summers are over doesn’t mean you need to stop applying sunscreen. The sun may not seem to be strong enough, but the UV rays can cause as much damage as caused in the summer. So, make sure to keep it handy in the winters too with an SPF of 15 or more. It will help you to protect the skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays which lead to  premature aging of the skin. A sunscreen with finely milled titanium oxide is perfect for every day wear in the colder months.


Switch to oil based moisturizer

The cool, dry air of the fall has always tended to leave the skin a little less hydrated. To deal with this situation, a thicker moisturizer is required in comparison to the lightweight moisturizer used in the summer. A thicker oil based moisturizer provides a stronger barrier to reduce water loss from the outer layer of the skin. Thus, this doesn’t allow the skin to dry and crack. The best time to apply your favorite moisturizer is right after you’ve dried off after the bath or shower.


Add regular exfoliation to the routine

Fall is a great time to introduce a face or a body scrub once or twice a week to the skin care routine. Though, make sure to opt for a gentle facial scrub that does not have any fragrance to avoid any kind of skin irritation. Cleanser with glycerin, sunflower or soybean oil and shea butter will soften and moisturize the skin. They will also help you to remove the sun damaged skin cells for a brighter and smoother skin by retaining the moisture. Heads up to those not using the best skin brightener by Revitol. Add it to your skin care routine right after you’re done with exfoliation.


Do not forget your retinol

Retinol is basically vitamin A that dramatically helps to reduce the appearance of the brown spots, fine lines and the wrinkles. However, instead of going for the usual retinol based anti aging cream, go for an anti aging retinol serum. They are more advanced with a concentrated formulation designed to address specific needs in a more focused manner. Though, there is technically no single best serum or best ingredients to find a serum. But, if you have an oily skin, look for a water light serum. For dry skin, a serum packed with antioxidant rich plant oils will be loved by your skin.


Don’t overlook the toners

Toner is one of the most overlooked steps in a skin care routine. The benefit of using it in the cold weather is that it returns the pH level of the skin back to normal. It also helps to remove every last trace of makeup, oil, dead skin cell and dirt off the face. Whereas, alcohol free toners on the other hand are said to be ideal to give the skin the water it needs, without drying out the skin when the temperature is cooler. The general rule asks to put on the serum or a moisturizer while the skin is still damp from the toner. This will seal in the hydration along with the active ingredients.


Treat the skin problems immediately

During the fall months, some people experience a flare up of conditions such as acne, eczema or psoriasis. They are caused due to the oil flow in the skin this time of the year. To this, the cold weather further adds by helping to create layers of dead skin cells build up. This in turn aggravates these conditions. However, these skin problems can be treated by over the counter prescriptions. But, for far better results, try the well know skincare products by Revitol to deal with them. But, do not forget to keep visiting your doctor for regular check ups.


So, now will you be ready to stay beautiful this winter? Let us know your secret to keep your skin healthy for the fall and winter.

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