Stress, Anxiety, and Pain Are the Biggest Foe of Hot Stone Massage

January 12, 2018

Don’t you feel like staying relaxed after a stressful day? You mustn’t have heard anyone saying that he or she hates getting the massage. It is considered to be the best relaxing technique.

Hot Stone Massage is one of the best massage therapies and it is best for hampered soft tissues, tense muscles all over the body.

What is all used in Hot Stone Massage?

In Hot Stone Massage, flat, smooth stones are kept on specific parts of the body. This stone is basically made of Basalt (Type of volcanic rock) and it has the power of retaining heat. Between 130 and 145 degrees is the universal temperature for heating the stones.

Even cold stones are used after using the hot stone to calm any swollen blood vessels and smoothing the skin.

Let me tell you the places where the stones are kept:

  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Palms
  • Feet and toes
  • Spine

Let me feed you up with the benefits of having Hot Stone Massage Therapy:

Enhance the Blood Flow: You really don’t need any another reason to go for Hot Stone Massage when it is improving blood flow to the muscles which later on ease your pain, soreness, and tension. The most important thing is to keep the stones on targeted body parts like Spine and back.

This will result in opening the blood vessels and improving the blood circulation in the body and this is the reason why it is said for the best massage.

Improve Immunity: It is actually a reverse psychology here. You may doubt that how hot stone massage can help your immune system, but it’s true. Reducing stress lever and improving the blood circulation can result in higher rate of efficiency in Immune system. This will help you in fighting with lots of potential illnesses and disease.

Relieve autoimmune symptoms: Any person suffering from an autoimmune disorder like fibromyalgia, then he can be helped with hot stone massage because it offers the natural solution. If you get a complete 30 minutes of massage, then you can enjoy better sleep, less pain. To be very clear, Hot Stone massage cannot cure the fibromyalgia completely, but it can provide the patient some form of relief who are trapped in this disorder.

Improved Sleep: Hot Stone Massage is best for those who are suffering from a severe sleep disorder, in medical terms, it is called Insomnia. If you don’t believe then get a hot stone massage once and you will definitely asleep faster and even deeper into the relaxed state. I can bet you that people will wake up more relaxed and in an energetic way after going through this special spa treatment.

Reduce stress: After all the above benefits, hot stone massage also helps in reducing the body stress and anxiety. If you are stressed with your daily routine, then having 10 minutes of this massage can reduce the stress levels and also the anxiety.

It is said that patients who have good through abdominal colorectal surgery feel less pain, tension, and anxiety after going through hot stone massage.

Reduce cancer symptoms: There have been studies saying that around 1290 people who are suffering from cancer had experienced this massage therapy and it helped them reducing pain, fatigue, stress, and anxiety, depression and also nausea. Having Swedish massage improves cancer symptoms.

But make sure to consult your doctor before going for the hot stone massage.

Here are some of the risks related to Hot Stone Massage:

Before going for Hot Stone Massage, you must keep on thing in mind that massage is generally safe when it is done by a trained therapist. If you are suffering from below problems, then first go and ask your doctor:

  • Open wound
  • Earlier blood clots
  • Surgery within last 6 months
  • Any fracture
  • Skin burns
  • Bleeding disorder or take blood thinner
  • Low blood platelets counts
  • Or Diabetics

Let me tell you a sacrosanct thing that not every therapist will do hot stone massage on pregnant women. Your first priority is to go to your doctor and get is approval and also make sure you get the Massage from an expert therapist, not from the beginner.

Ask your therapist if the stone is too hot from your skin. Make sure there always a barrier between the stone and your skin and these barriers can be a towel, sheet or any cloth.

There is a professional heater for heating up the stone and if your therapist is heating the stones in Microwave, slow cooker, hot plate, or oven then don’t use those stone on your body. Also see, the stone is washed and also the environment where you are getting massaged.  


Hope I have done justice with this blog. Now if you are completely convinced, then you will find the best hot stone massage Toronto, as they offer their own version of the hot stone massage.

There is no one who is not suffering from pain, anxiety or tension and if it is then I would suggest them to try hot stone massage. It helps you with other situations and circumstances.

Massage Therapies have been in function since ages and they really have a powerful impact. But one thing you must keep in mind is always getting the massage from a trained therapist otherwise it will result in sore and this happens because of deep tissue manipulation and pressure.

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