Superfoods: 5 Foods That Will Naturally Give You More Energy

March 8, 2017

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like 24 hours is enough time in a day to accomplish all we want. We work and we work to provide a living for ourselves and for our families. Even when we do have enough time, we are often too tired or groggy to focus. This dramatically decreases our chances of having a productive day. Most of us resort to throwing back countless cups of coffee with questionable amounts of caffeine. Some of us resort to energy drinks or energy shots so we can have that little spark in the middle of the day to make sure that they stay on task and get their work done along with other things they may have planned. But resorting to coffee and energy drinks, or other caffeinated products is usually not the healthies option. Rather we should be considering things like exercise and even changing our diet as there are foods out there that will naturally give you more energy. In order to help rid you of those lethargic periods, here are a few superfoods that can help to naturally increase your energy levels.

1. Brown Rice

Rice lovers will rejoice to know that brown rice is an excellent food for maintaining energy throughout the day. Brown rice is specified over white rice for its greater concentration of nutrients. High amounts of manganese contained within play “a role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism [and] calcium absorption”. Another great thing about this superfood is the numerous ways it can be served. Dish it out with some vegetables or some lean protein for a full meal.

2. Sweet Potatoes

This superfood is a great alternative to unhealthier sources of carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are fat-free and provide a rich source of complex carbs that muscles can use for energy. This food is also a great source of countless vitamins. More specifically, large amounts of Vitamin A and C can help to boost your energy levels for the day. One sweet potato includes a large portion of a daily recommended amount.

3. Honey

Many people swear by the magic of honey. Many people use it for healing illness or as a kind of medication when they are sick. But with that said, honey can do a lot more than just help you feel better when you are sick. There are 17 grams of healthy carbohydrates can be derived from just 1 tablespoon of honey. This superfood has been used for a quick boost of energy for years. Furthermore, honey is one of the only natural foods that will never go bad. Research conducted at the Memphis. Exercise and Sport Nutrition Laboratory found that honey “acted as a natural time released muscle fuel”. The sweet flavor of honey makes it a great addition to any food and it can help serve as a natural energy source for your body.

4. Oats

Oats have remained a staple food in healthy diets for decades. There is a good reason for this. While oats often help with cholesterol they can serve as another purpose for your body as well. Oats are an excellent source of complex carbohydrates that can help you remain energized and satiated throughout the day. Furthermore, oats are high in protein that can be broken down and used for energy by your muscles. It is easy to cook in the microwave or can be added to yoghurt or other dishes for a quick preparation time.

5. Natural Smoothies

While there are several individual superfoods that can help you improve your energy levels throughout the day. A natural combination of these superfoods into a smoothie or other compound is arguably the best method for harnessing the nutritious qualities that make these foods naturally energizing. The Raw Organic Smoothie by Sunfood is a great example of how combining natural ingredients can help to create an energizing mix. If you own a blender or some other mixer, it is also very easy to combine some natural foods into a smoothie for enhanced energy. You will also get a wide variety, depending on your smoothie blend of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

When you’re feeling low on energy throughout the day, these natural energy sources can help to give you a boost. Natural foods are a great alternative to caffeinated drinks or other unnatural sources of energy. So don’t resort to those unhealthy drinks. Try and eat better. Exercise more. Following these basic principles will not only help you be healthier, you will have more energy throughout your day to get the things done that you want to get done. And these superfoods will also help your body to have an overall better function in your day-to-day life. While these are good sources, there are many more excellent sources of natural energy out there.


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