Top 5 Common Injuries In Fitness And How To Prevent Each

October 31, 2016

The large number of injuries during exercises can be prevented by giving consideration to a few issues. No one expects to get injured while training. The truth is that you will always stand a chance at injuries at the gym especially without help around. There is no doubt that hitting a few rounds at the gym is good for your health and even sports. However, injuries make it unpleasant and can be devastating to professional sportsmen. Injuries should thus be avoided as much as possible. Here, you will get to look at some common fitness injuries and how to prevent it.


  • Knee Injury


Well, for a person who is used to a desk job, hitting the job on weekend can always pose certain risks. When sitting, you knees don’t really work, so if you are an 8 hour-per- day employee, it is more likely that your knees are barely worked out. By hitting the track or gym, you give your knees some needed exercise for stronger living. For such a person, it can is very likely that any strenuous exercise will be painful to your knees. Whether it is running with some loads or simply weightlifting, there is some extra force on the knee joints that cause paint. Especially when running, the cartilages located under your kneecap may overstretch leading to pain.

Be careful not to delve too deep into heavy weights at the gym. Be sure to try out small ones for general muscles strengthening and let cartilages get used to extra weight at the gym. If it is caused by running, simply try to reduce your strides and don’t push your body too hard. However, a perfect prevention to such an injury is ensuring you give work to your knee every day by scheduling small evening or morning exercises every day.


  • Strained back


It is another common injury at the gym that can be easily avoided with care. Same with knee injuries, a strained back is common with people who spend their time sitting. As you may already know, your back supports the whole body. In most busy people, this muscles happen to be weak. When you hit the gym for the first time, your back will definitely hurt.

Simply give your back some continuous exercise to strengthen its muscles. However, when at the gym for the first after a very long time, take it slow by avoiding heavy weights While doing squats, try to lift yourself up by starting with some leg power before letting your back join in. it is much healthier that way too.


  • Strained Shoulders


Now, the unique thing with shoulders is that they are targeting by nearly every exercise at the gym. Be it weight lifting, sit-ups, pushups, squats and many more, you will always feel some effect on the shoulder muscles. Injuries here thus involve hurting joints due to overuse of a certain technique or posture. Your shoulder can thus dislocate or have a damaged rotator cuff any of which will be very painful


As evident in its causes, a person should simply avoid doing the same exercise every now and then, there is no need to exchange pushups with dumbbells successively as they both affect shoulder muscles. Schedule your session in a cycle structure letting different joints rest while doing the other. For instance, it can help to do squats just after lifting dumb bells to give shoulder muscles some breathing space.


  • Hamstring injury


You probably heard of football players, or any other sportsperson complaining of a hamstring. This can be you if not careful when at the gym. A torn hamstring is very painful and can limit how you walk. It involves having torn leg muscles; something that is caused by wearing or tearing muscle tissue. It really take time to heal.


Go for exercises that can help strengthen leg muscles. Tight, torn or imbalanced muscles may cause a hamstring. By keeping gleg muscles uniform and strong, there is no chance of suffering from hamstrings.


  • Achilles Tendinitis


An irritated tendon due to much force or weight being put through the joint will hurt. In some severe cases, the tendon may even tear. It is common for most athletes and footballers, but can still be avoided.


Try to avoid dramatic shifts from light exercises to the heavy ones as this can have a very scary effect to your Achilles tendon. Build calf strength smoothly and you stand a chance against Achilles tendonitis. Opting for a recumbent bike can hugely help build leg muscles and strengthen your Achilles tendon.


The need to live healthily with some training is always good. However, you should be careful to avoid hurting yourself while at the gym. So many injuries lie in store ranging from back injuries to the Achilles tendonitis. All these injuries can be avoided with caution and some nice diet. When you incorporate multivitamins in your fitness programs, it becomes easier and more beneficial to hit the gym. Just be careful not to hurt yourself.

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