How to treat cracked and dry feet by these handy tips?

May 13, 2016

Pain in the feet, legs, like any piece of muscle, bone, muscle, nerve, blood vessels, nails and skin of the feet and may also be getting into trouble.

There are many causes of foot pain as the nails grow the inner foot, fungal infections of the feet you require medical assistance. But many times the size of your feet in your shoes not even put feet, tiredness or because of old age, there is also the problem of the legs. To overcome such problems, you do not have to spend much time or energy. Just a good foot massage by foot cream for cracked heels provides much relief to the foot along with proper foot massaging as well.

At times, it seems that we can care for their feet by themselves while the times we are too tired and do not anybody to help us. Leg pain, do not worry. Treat your feet to some of the best tips are given below.

Treating aching legs / foot pain – soak feet in warm water

The best treatment for the feet a lot to prove.

Domestic measures to overcome the darkness of the hands and feet

  • Take one glass of cold water and a mild dip your feet and hold for about 15 minutes.
  • Once this process is complete, make a pot full of hot water, the water should be warm in the same amount that it can get the rest of your legs. Now the vessel filled with hot water by dipping your foot in place for about 15 minutes.
  • If possible, make this compound a little salt in the water, because the legs of unwanted bacteria (bacteria) helps to eliminate. Following the tips in your legs will not be an infection of some sort.
  • If possible, if you peppermint oil, rosemary (rosemary) oil, eucalyptus (eucalyptus) to obtain oil and lavender fragrance (lavender) oil, such as essential oils (essential oils) are used.
  • Legs to treat pain, these oils and mix in a few drops of hot water and about 15 to 20 minutes in the water, keep your feet soaked.
  • Legs to treat pain, to follow the prescriptions of the blood in your legs is quite good. With so much of your foot pain relief is attained.

Foot pain – Foot Massage (Foot Massage for sprained ankle)

It gives relief from hearing the word. As explained above, it may be that because of the fatigue you are unable to write a foot massage. In such a case the roller massage (massage roller), or to use other types of massage equipment it would be enough. If you do not use this device if you want a massage, tennis ball, rolling pins or golf ball (tennis ball, rolling pins or golf ball), etc. You can also use. These small balls and put it under your legs and your legs turn the ball over. This will relax your feet much more. Such comfort to experience even more tips below can also: –

Leg pain home remedies – the first recipe (Tip 1)

  • A tablespoon of oil in a pan, chamomile, lavender oil and geranium oil (chamomile oil, lavender oil, geranium oil) stay.
  • Home remedy for leg pain, mix 2 tablespoons olive oil (olive oil), add and mix it well.
  • Use this mixture on your feet and with its help and rub in circular currency.

Hands and feet domestic Scrubs

Desi foot pain treatment – second recipe (Tip 2)

  • Take a few drops of clove oil in a pan and add nearly 2 teaspoons sesame oil.
  • Treatment of foot pain, and mix them well with this mixture and rub your feet, especially the part where you are getting itchy.

Foot pain treatment – exercise feet (Foot workout)

Like the rest of your body requires exercise your legs. Internet (internet) on some video (video) or to consult with your doctor about exercise feet. By continuing these exercises to permanently remove the pain of the legs.

Also you can follow a few tips: –

  1. Treatment of foot pain, shoe inserts (inserts) that allows you to buy easily at any pharmacy will receive. These shoe inserts prove quite effective for those who are suffering from the problem of pain in the feet or ankles shelves.
  2. In addition to the exercise of the feet also in some of the exercises that are supposed to relieve the ankles, and they do daily. This recipe is especially for those who prefer to wear shoes with heels higher than continuously.
  3. Foot pain treatment, and daily wear clean socks
  4. Foot pain treatment, daily Wash your feet well.
  5. Antibacterial (antibacterial) products Wash your feet.

The cause of foot pain – pain in the legs (Causes of foot pain)

Foot abnormality (Abnormal Foot Anatomy) – General abnormalities such as flat claws, etc. because of discomfort in the joints of the feet can be painful.

How to treat the legs

The cause of foot pain – pregnancy (Pregnancy) – the more weight you gain during pregnancy and the imbalance in hormones caused by high pressure in the muscles of the legs and hurts them.

The cause of foot pain – obesity (Obesity) – the body is all the burden on the feet. Obesity feet joints, nerves and more pressure on the muscles.

Measurement without shoes (Poor-Fitting Shoes) – Those shoes do not fit your feet can lead to pain in your feet. If your feet are loose in the shoes inside the shoes on your feet, causing them to be behaving inexplicably comes the problem of fatigue.

Liberal use of feet (Overuse) – walking or standing for a long time and because of other reasons, there is the problem of pain and inflammation in healthy legs. Also, walking or standing on hard surface such as concrete unnecessary strain on the legs.

Some health problems and diseases as well as pain in the legs. These are diseases like diabetes, joint pain and heart related diseases.

Foot pain treatment – Common foot problems and their treatment

Foot heel pain – pain in your heels (Heel Pain) – The pain is caused by planter Fasiaitis. Fashia planter is a fiber that connects the heel bone to the toes and in this situation there is a lot of irritation and swelling. Pain in the heel of the foot, the most common problems Fasiaitis planters around her ankles and hurts.

Hand and foot care in the summer

Planter Fasiaitis treatment includes rest, exercise of the feet and ankles and shoes to wear to your measurements.

Foot pain treatment – heel spurs (Heel spurs) – The abnormal growth of bones, which adds ankles start at the lower end of the bone. These are the main causes incorrect posture stand or walk, do not wear the right size shoes and some physical activities like jogging. This problem causes pain in the legs while walking or running. People with flat feet are more prone to heel spurs.

For the treatment of the problem of what he would have supplemented heel pads, inserts, and accurate measurement to wear shoes which are comfortable Shock Absorbing Souls.

Pain in the soles of the feet – pain in the ankles rounding (Ball of Foot Pain) – Activities such as jogging or jumping in feet or incorrect pressure measurements usually wear shoes to heels are due to rounding pain. Pain in the soles of the feet, it is due to injury caused by stepping on a hard object may be. This pain can be overcome by the snow and by the feet rest. Pain in the soles of the feet, legs, boots and shoes will change the foot by putting Insert rounding pain relief.

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