Treating Chronic Pain Organically

February 7, 2017

Pain can consume your entire existence. It can make it difficult to do everyday tasks and concentrate on important events. While medicine has advanced considerably in pain management, many remedies are unnatural. Many of these unnatural substances can be addictive and have pretty destructive side effects—to the point where painkiller abuse and recreational use has become a common occurrence in society today.

Therefore, many people are attempting to avoid the harsh and potentially potent kickbacks from prescribed medication by turning towards more natural remedies. There are a plethora of organic treatments geared towards pain management that has been proven to work just as well, or if not better than many prescribed medications. These natural remedies often have far less dangerous side effects and do not have an addictive element. Read on to learn how to treat chronic pain organically and avoid the dangerous that man made drugs often have to offer.


Medical Centers

Probably the best way to work towards treating chronic pain organically is to have a medical professionals who specialize in organic pain management assisting you, which is why an organic health medical center is the perfect fit for someone who wishes to resolve their pain using organic remedies. The Hall Center is a great example of a medical center that offers a variety of services and organic medical practices to their patients. These centers are great because you deal with medical professionals that know which organic remedy is best for you and your level of pain. In addition, many insurance companies cover the usage of these organic health centers.


Herbal Medicine & Essential Oils

There is a plethora of naturally occurring substances that are great for relieving pain. Willow bark, cannabis, turmeric, kava kava, skullcap, devil’s claw, and magnesium are all known as natural remedies that can be consumed to treat different forms of chronic pain.

In addition, peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, and valerian oil are all excellent oils to apply to the pain site topically. While these remedies can be made at home, it may be best to go consult with a professional for advice on how to properly utilize these ingredients for the best of your ability and to receive treatments using these natural medicines.


Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that has been known to combat chronic pain. The usage of stretching and holding certain positions in yoga can help in relaxation of both the mind and body. In addition, yoga can help with joint health stabilizing and building strength. Joints are often a major source of chronic pain and yoga is one of the best solutions to resolve that pain. Yoga can be done at a gym, home, or an organic health center.



Massages are great for relieving chronic pain. Massages are able to relieve pain, improve circulation, and mitigate tension by the application of pressure to the body’s soft tissue. This can be done at home with a mechanical massager or a loved one, or by a professional.



Hydrotherapy is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways to manage chronic pain. Hydrotherapy has been known to relieve stress, stimulate blood flow, and release toxins. This form of organic pain management works by simply applying warm or pressured water against the body for pain relief. Showers, baths, saunas, hot tubs and compresses are all great ways to experience hydrotherapy. This method can be done almost anywhere warm water is available, but be wary of passing out from the warmth if sensitive to heat.



Relaxation is exceedingly important when dealing with pain. Studies have shown that chronic pain can be relieved through relaxation and controlled breathing. Simply lay down in a dark room and close your eyes while focusing on breathing. Concentrate on relaxing and try to breath deeply. Do this everyday, and your chronic pain should subside gradually. This technique can be done just about anywhere or anytime you are dealing with chronic pain, making it the best organic solution while on the go.



Acupuncture has been known assist in pain management for thousands of years. This remedy utilizes needles to allow energy to flow evenly throughout your body by unblocking energy channels. Acupuncture is supposed to create balance in the energy flowing through your body, which in turn will help relieve any particularly painful points. The relieving of pressure throughout of body through acupuncture should allow for less pressure buildup, allowing less pain throughout your body. This method must be done by a certified professional.

By following an all-natural regime, you can be on your way to treating chronic pain and living a more fulfilling life. Managing pain organically is a proven way to ensure that your body does not have to suffer through side effects.

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Carl Turner is a freelance writer and a life coach from Los Angeles, California. Combining his expertise in the wellness industry, he has helped hundreds of clients reach their optimal health. When he is not busy with work, he enjoys writing informative articles and researching new topics.

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