The Most Popular Tummy Tuck Myths

February 23, 2016

Every woman yearns to have a fit if not a sexy body. A flat tummy is key to achieving that hourglass figure and the satisfaction that you can wear any dress you want. In order to achieve this, women try a lot of weight loss strategies and follow several diet plans. Sometimes they work, but for the more stubborn fat, these efforts are just not enough. This is where Atlanta tummy tuck steps in. Commonly known by the name tummy tuck, abdominoplasty is the procedure through which you can have that smart look, flat stomach and toned body. As common as the abdominoplasty procedure is, it is highly misunderstood. Therefore, before you step in for the surgery, it is significant that you clarify these misunderstandings for your own good. Tummy tuck surgery by Dr. Mark Crispin has experienced quite the success rate over the years because of its satisfactory results. He, for one, can be consulted regarding the pros and cons of the surgery. Just to provide you with a clearer picture, below mentioned are some myths and facts about tummy tucks that you should know before going under the knife.

Myth 1: Future Weight Gain Will Not Affect the Tummy Tuck Look

When people undergo surgeries such as tummy tuck, they assume that the procedure is a cure for their body which isn’t true and that they will stay like this no matter what. For example if a patient experiences a significant amount of weight gain after a  tummy tuck procedure, it is likely that stretching of skin along with some unfavorable results will take place which is only natural. However, if there is a slight weight gain, the above-mentioned issues may not occur. When you decide to undergo such a surgical procedure, you should always consider such complications that may occur.

Myth 2: Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Cannot Be Performed Together

Tummy tuck procedure has gained quite the popularity over the years. It is considered to be one of the most effective ways to tone the stomach and lose that flabby muffin top. No matter how effective, there are times when the procedure is not enough to get the desired results. So in order to get the desired look, experts suggest to combine liposuction procedure with a tummy tuck which are two different procedures. That is because, at times, there exists stubborn pockets of fat in the stomach which cannot be removed with a tummy tuck alone. Only liposuction can get rid of it. This is where a combination of both the above mentioned surgeries work hand in hand to trim the fat.


Myth 3: Tattoos Cannot Cover the Scars

Have you been told that tattoos won’t be able to conceal your tummy tuck scars? You should reconsider it. Let’s face it, when you undergo a tummy tuck surgery, scars are evident and they are not a pleasing sight. But there is something very unique that can help you hide them. Yes, tattoos. There are many styles of tattoos that can be magical in hiding the scars of a tummy tuck surgery. This beautiful body art can help in hiding those unpleasant scars and blemishes that will help you feel good after the surgery. And of course, you will look much more cooler.

Myth 4: Tummy Tuck and C-Section Should Be Performed Hand In Hand

It has been a common perception that women should plan a tummy tuck surgery right after a C-section surgery. Doing so would be a mistake. These two procedures are entirely different and target different muscles. Also, C-section is a major surgery, the body needs to heal and recover fully before the body goes under another major surgery. Give your body the time it requires to heal and then you can schedule the tummy tuck surgery.

Myth 5: Your Appetite Remains the Same Post Surgery

It is understandable why people think that a tummy tuck surgery would not affect their eating habits. The tummy tuck procedure does not actually target the stomach so it should not affect the eating habits. But the fact is that a tummy tuck surgery does affect the eating habits of the patients. Why? The soreness and tightness post-surgery decreases the appetite of patients.

Myth 6: Child Birth Is Not Possible After a Tummy Tuck

This is not true at all. Women can have children after a tummy tuck surgery. Although the experts recommend their patients to wait until they are done having children. This will ensure greater patient satisfaction. Why? Because if a woman becomes pregnant after a tummy tuck surgery, the stomach skin will stretch again and so will the abdominal muscles that were repaired during the procedure. The results of the surgery would be undone and they would require a second surgery to be satisfied with their midsection.

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