Upper Body Workouts For A Bigger Chest

March 16, 2017

Coming up with the right workout for your upper body is important. You must be able to know your limits and what you can do without hurting yourself. You must also know your body well enough to recognize when you can push yourself that extra bit to reach new limits in your workout.

One of the reasons why men take the pains to develop broader chests and muscular upper bodies is that it’s one of next parts of the human body that girls look at as they assess what’s attractive or not. In the same manner women, too, have now become conscious not only of breast size but also of how toned their upper bodies look. More important than attracting the opposite sex, however, is that having a stable upper body is crucial to preventing most exercise injuries. A strong upper body gives a specific proper posture even as it keeps one stable during intense workout sessions.

For runners, having strong arms give that necessary burst of speed to reach the finish line.The upper body refers to the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Developing the muscles in the upper body is essential to maintaining balance and form. It also aids in overall weight loss since having muscles boost your metabolism and burns more calories.Get your ripped upper body with a 360 approach 
Before you start, remember you want a perfect ripped upper body. You have to work hard to accomplish your goals. You should not expect to get your body toned overnight. All you need is to embark on a 360-degree approach to your upper body workouts to get a ripped upper body. This can be accomplished with an appropriate diet, accurate workouts, and a cardio module.

Diet is an integral part of a ripped upper body. You should consume few calories but also ensure that your protein consumption is equal to one gram per pound of your body weight. It is also important to consider carbs which act as energy drivers. By trying a good diet, you will be able to know which foodstuffs keep your appetite in control. 

Workouts And Exercises 
The following exercises are specially tailored to develop the upper body. When done properly, these Upper Body Workouts can give you amazing results in a short period. Before doing these exercises, make sure to warm up first.

1. Chest Press. 
It is one of the most popular core exercises of all time. Assume a lying position on the floor or an adjustable Weight bench with your abdomen contracted. Start by bringing your dumbbells over your chest. Lower the elbows and arms until they are below the shoulder level while contracting your chest, slowly push arms up. Make sure that as you raise your dumbbells over your chest, they do not meet at the top.When you workout your chest, one of the more common exercises to utilize is the bench press. You can do flat bench press, incline bench press and decline bench press. Switching between the three options will workout your upper and lower chest muscles.

2. Push Ups. 
As you perform your pushups make sure that your hands are wider you’re your shoulders. A ball or a bench may be used to elevate the legs for added intensity. Still maintaining elbows to 90 degrees with abs contracted, bend your elbows and lower into a push-up. To repeat the exercise, push back up and restart.

3. Back Extension. 
While lying on the floor face down, clasp your hands behind the back or cradle your head lightly. Slowly raise your upper body off the floor a few inches while maintaining the alignment of your head and neck. Hold the position for about 3-5seconds. Repeat the procedure as tolerated.

4. Concentration Curls. 
Using a chair or simply kneeling down prop the right arm on the inside of the right leg, hand, and palm facing out. Pull the weight towards the shoulder by contracting the bicep. Lower and repeat the procedure.

5. Dips. 
You sit on a chair with hands next to thighs. Gently move backside in front of the step wit legs slightly bent. If you want to increase the intensity of the activity straighten your legs in front. Bend elbows and lower body a few inches while keeping them parallel to each other at approximately 90 degrees. Keep your shoulders down.

Cardio Module 
To make a complete upper body workout, a moderate cardio module is crucial for the best results. You can start with at least two sprints of cardio per week. You don’t have to go beyond this because your body needs some time to recover and overexerting when in a low- carb diet can make you be nutrient deficient. 
Do not work on the same muscles two days in a row. You can split them up and work on your chest and back one day, and then your shoulders, biceps, and triceps the next day if you want.A 360-degree approach to your upper body workouts will surely make your body reach there faster.

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