How Using a Bidet Can Help Improve Your Wellness

July 24, 2017

Bidets are used all over the world, but they are still not commonly used in homes across the USA or Australia despite  the clear advantages they have over toilet paper. Even though some people find the idea of bidets funny, anyone how has ever used one loved it, and those who have one in their home cannot imagine going back to toilet paper again. Bidets are not only good for the environment but also have many wellness benefits for people as well. Here’s how using a bidet can help improve your wellness.

Better personal hygiene and cleaning

Every time you use the bathroom and clean yourself with toilet paper, some residue will usually remain on your skin. But, bidet provides you with water that removes all remaining residue and leaves you completely clean and refreshed. Today, there are many different models of bidets with different features you can choose from when buying. Some models offer a seat warming function, other provide warm water for cleansing and soothing, and some even have a warm air option to dry you off once you’ve finished rinsing. There’s no way dry toilet paper can clean you as well as warm water.


Better skin care

Dry toilet paper can be rough on your skin and is not the most comfortable thing to use. The thing is that most of us have been using it since we were young kids, so we don’t even feel how rough it is. Bidets are also very beneficial for people with certain skin conditions. If you have any skin irritations or other problems of that nature, warm water can be much more soothing than toilet paper, and staying clean can alleviate skin problems.  For some people who suffer from certain anal or rectal conditions using toilet paper can be straight up painful. For instance, if you suffer from haemorrhoids, anal fissures or anal prolapse, bidet may be the best possible choice for you. New mothers can also benefit from bidets. Many women feel extra sensitive in their pelvic area after giving birth, so using bidet’s wash features can be the more comfortable way to go. Plus, many toilet paper brands use perfumes in their products which can also lead to further irritation.

Perfect for kids, seniors and people with disabilities

Young kids who are still learning to use the bathroom sometimes have trouble wiping. Bidets are perfect in this case because they practically do all the work for them. On the other hand, using the bathroom can get difficult as we get older. Some seniors turn to their caregivers for help with wiping which can lower their self-esteem. A bidet can help restore confidence and allow them to be more independent. Bidets are also perfect for those who have certain medical conditions or disabilities. For people who are physically limited, bidets can be much easier to use than toilet paper.

Bidets save money and reduce household waste

Switching from toilet paper to bidet can be a great way to save money while helping out the environment. Depending on the model of your bidet, you may still need to use some toilet paper, but that will be only the fraction of what you used to need. Aside from saving money on toilet paper purchases, you will also reduce your household waste. Less packaging to dispose of and less overall garbage. And if you choose bidet toilet seats instead of the traditional ones, you will save space in your bathroom and money on installing a complete bidet. The bidet toilet seats fit onto your toilet and tremendously save space. Especially if you have a smaller bathroom, this can be a game changer.


Save our environment

On a daily basis, toilet paper is used A LOT!! For instance, an average person in the USA uses almost 60 squares of toilet paper tissue a day. This means that the USA uses 3 million tonnes of toilet paper every year! To produce that amount of paper  54 million trees are required, plus a large amount of water. Bidets can greatly reduce the toilet paper consumption and that can be very beneficial to the environment. If we add up all the factors of production, packaging, transportation and additional costs, toilet paper cost our environment sooooo much more than a bidet. The bleaching process in the toilet paper manufacturing is especially damaging to the planet and the people. Bleaching produces many toxins which can cause cancer both in humans and animals. All of these factors make a bidet a much more environmentally friendly option.

Now that you know all the benefits of bidets, there’s no reason for you to continue using only toilet paper anymore. Bidets are not only much more hygienic and better for the environment, but they will always leave you feeling fresh and clean as a daisy. Stop using your old ineffective method of cleaning, and join the world of bidets!

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