10 Tips for Preventing and Getting Rid of Allergies at Home

October 17, 2017

Millions of people all over the globe suffer from allergies caused by indoor allergens such as dust, dust mites, pet dander, mold and cockroach droppings. This is because allergens can be found in practically every part of our homes, from furniture and carpets to floors and other surfaces. Naturally, no home can be completely allergen-free, but there are measures you can take to reduce the number of allergens in yours. Here are 10 easy ways you can make your home a s allergen-free as possible.

Get rid of dust

Dust mites are one of the most common allergens found in homes, and the only way to get rid of them is to get rid of dust. However, dusting can actually make your allergy worse if not done properly. The best way to dust is to use a damp cloth that will not scatter dust in the air and wear a dust mask while cleaning.


Clutter tends to collect dust, so make sure to minimize the amount of decoration, books and other items that are hard to clean. Also, you can get plastic bins with lids to store kids’ toys, games and stuffed animals.

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum

Vacuuming your home regularly will significantly reduce the amount of allergens present. Make sure to vacuum your home at least once or twice a week, and pay special attention to areas where dust tends to accumulate the most such as carpets and furniture. However, vacuuming can also disperse dust into the air. So, use a special vacuum with a HEPA filter that traps even the smallest particles instead of spreading them all around your home.

Clean your home regularly

Another way you can reduce the number of allergens is by washing sheets, pillows, throws and blankets regularly in hot water (at least 130 F). You can also replace bedding made of wool and feathers with the one made of synthetic materials. If you can, consider removing carpets and rugs and exposing your hardwood flooring. If you can’t do that, use rugs and carpets that are easy to maintain and can be machine-washed, and vacuum and wash them regularly. Another thing you can do is get rid of heavy curtains and replace them with light cotton or synthetic ones.

Use natural cleaning products

Controlling allergens at home requires a lot of cleaning, but even some chemicals found in cleaning products can trigger allergy symptoms or make existing symptoms worse. In order to prevent that, you can switch to eco-friendly cleaning products that are natural and don’t contain chemicals and fragrances. You can also opt for home-made products made of vinegar, baking soda, lemon and other natural ingredients.

Keep allergens outside

Keeping outdoor allergens outside is another way you can alleviate your symptoms. Your shoes, clothes and laundry are full of pollen and other allergens. That’s why you should avoid spending time outside when the pollen count is high. Also, good outdoor mats can prevent bringing in allergens to your home as long as you clean them often. Make sure to leave your shoes as close to the door as possible and change your clothes every time you come home. Another great way to keep allergens away from your home is to tumble-dry your clothes instead of leaving it outside to air-dry.

Take regular showers

Aside from your shoes and clothes, your hair and skin also catch pollen and other allergens. So, make it a habit to shower and change clothes as soon as you enter your house.

Rinse out

Allergens also get inside your nasal cavity. A good nasal rinse does not only clean your nose from mucus but also removes allergens that cause the irritation. You can buy a rinse kit or a neti pot in every pharmacy together with a rinsing solution. They are quite cheap, easy to use and give great results.

Prevent drafts

Even if it seems like a good idea to vent your home a bit, it’s better to leave your windows and doors closed to keep the indoor air free of pollen. If it’s hot inside and your air is stuffy, you can install HEPA air filters on your air-condition and get air purifiers.

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Have pet-free zones

If you suffer from dander allergies, but simply can’t part with your furry friend, consider keeping your pet outside when the weather is nice and creating pet-free zones around the house. Keep your pets out of your bedroom and away from your furniture. Also, giving them frequent baths will reduce the amount of dander they shed.

These 10 easy tips will greatly reduce the number of allergens in your home and keep your symptoms at bay. Also, don’t forget to consult your doctor if you want to start using antihistamines and other allergy remedies.

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