5 Hacks to Reduce Stress

February 13, 2018

We all have lost a loved one, fallen sick, missed a deadline, been angered, lied, betrayed, and have gone through various stressful phrases in our lives. In fact, even at this very moment, everyone, including myself, is dealing with stresses at some level. Whether it be big or small, the bottom line is that stress is yet another inevitable part of our daily lives.

No remedy can completely eradicate stress, but some of them can help you deal with it. This article contains 5 of the easiest ways that you can try right away – without a second thought.

In fact, these 5 hacks are the least stressful ways to manage stress. Keep reading!

Listen to music

Whoever said that ‘Music is a balm for the soul’ didn’t exaggerate. It’s one of the most widely accessed tools to deal with stress and the easiest one on our list. According to a research conducted by the Stanford University (Press Release 2006), the impact of music in our brains is similar to that of meditation.

If this study is better explained without scientific jargon, it means that music with about 60 beats per minute can bring our brains to a state of relaxation. However, the type of music and the impact they have on you mainly depends on your music taste.

Faster music, for example, is better-known to increase alertness and concentration. Upbeat music, on the other hand, triggers optimism about life while slower tempos help to unknot your taut mind. It will then slower your pulse, decrease blood pressure and eventually, mitigate stress.

Take a Stroll

For the most of us, no musician is better than the nature itself. The simplest sounds from birds chirping to winds blowing and leaves rustling is enough to envelope your heart, body and soul with an inexplicable serenity.

So make it a habit to take a stroll in the park and connect with nature. Perhaps you could walk your dog, read a book under a tree, or engage in outdoor exercises. A study conducted by US National Institute of Health provides evidence on how significantly nature helps to enhance the moods of people.

The study urges people to pay more attention to the creation of a better urban green space, as people who were examined showed less frustration, long-term excitement and engagement. In another article, the Urban Greening Research of University of Washington states that nature helps to restore the mind, boost cognitive functioning and alleviate stress.


You don’t have to be religious to pray. That said, it’s important to understand that prayer is what helps us to bring out and reach for what matters the most in life – family, relationships, health, ambitions and more. We pray for the health and happiness of our families and loved ones, strength and perseverance to achieve our ambitions, and everything else that we hold close to our hearts.

Even if you’re an atheist, you can still practice the art of praying based on your belief and value systems. No matter the religion, no matter the race, having faith in the form of prayer helps both body and soul. Once you have a prayer at the tip of your tongue, numerous scientific studies prove that it results in a soothing calmness to wash over you, resulting in a reduction of stress and numerous other health issues.

A cup of joe

For about 83% of Americans, this is the most delicious hack in our list – No questions asked! Although caffeine has been considered a big no-no in the past for those suffering from anxiety and depression, latest studies have found that it’s not always the case.

For some, nothing sets their minds straighter than a full-bodied cup of joe/espresso. Scientists simply didn’t understand why, or to which length it could be considered healthy. That’s basically why so much of funds have been invested to study how coffee works in our systems, only to discover surprising results.

Among the many important studies is the one experimented using mice. It concluded with a long-waited confirmation that caffeine indeed helps to brighten moods, and lower stress level. However, do keep in mind that the findings about unhealthy effects of excessive caffeine intake still hold true!

Be grateful

Always remind yourself that without the ups and downs in life, we cannot find balance. Stress may at times be good, for it drives us to meet tight deadlines and prepares us to face many challenges in life. But when it starts making you miserable and less focused, take it as your cue to practice the art of gratefulness. Let go of the humanistic habit of counting your tears and start counting your blessings.

There are more people dead today than alive, and you’re one of the fortunate ones. Isn’t that grateful thought just the best place to get started?

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