5 Ways to Prevent Yourself From Hearing Loss

December 12, 2016

Your ears and your hearing are both things that need to be taken into consideration and taken care of at all times. Constant exposure to loud noises, or even any exposure at all, could result in an individual bursting their ear drums. Not only could this cause hearing loss to the ears, but it could also make you death if the ear drums get damaged enough.

Fortunately, treating hearing loss has gotten a lot easier in the modern world, but netherless,  prevention is still the better thing to focus on in any instance because it’s the only measure that is assured. Hearing loss is largely environmental. The constant exposure to loud noises in one’s environment can cause hearing loss. Essentially, all preventative measures are going to involve reducing that exposure, but there are lots of different ways of going about that.

Wearing Earplugs

It’s hard to get around the fact that when people work in environments with a lot of noise for whatever reason, they are going to need some ear protection. Industrial ear plugs can make all the difference for the people who are interested in reducing their potential hearing damage as much as possible in whatever circumstance.

Some of these people are going to be in a situation where they really only have to wear ear plugs like those at rock concerts. However, the people who work in construction or in industries that use a lot of noisy equipment are going to need to stock up on industrial ear plugs.

Adjusting Volumes

Some people end up more or less building up a tolerance to loudspeakers or to their loud headphones. It is possible to actually get headphones that are quieter or that have broader sound selection levels, however, and this will help people get their headphones to the appropriate level. As such, they’re going to have an easier time with getting their headphones to a level that is already comfortable for their ears.

If people are playing something loudly enough for it to hurt, it’s a good idea to turn it down and not to take it as a matter of pride to try to endure the sound. Enduring the noise means damaging one’s ears in almost all cases.

Learn About the Noise Levels of Different Devices

Some people are truly unaware of just how loud some devices really are and continue to use these devices without a care in the world. They might think that it’s their fault if they end up experiencing ear pain as a result of mowing the lawn or using a hair dryer. After learning about just how loud all of those things really are, it should be that much easier for people to be able to monitor their own exposure levels.

Allow Ears to Recover

Some hearing damage is long lasting and is considered a disability, whereas some hearing damage is only temporary. In some cases, as long as people retreat to periods of relative silence following some persistent noise, such as the noise that they would get at a rock concert, their ears might start to recover. This is by no means a sure thing, but at the very least, more or less giving one’s ears a break can be a good idea following some really loud noise.

Persistent damage is what ultimately damages hearing, and a sustained amount of loud noise will damage hearing more than bursts of loud noise. Similarly, people who listen to loud music or who do other loud things with breaks in between are going to manage to protect their ears more easily than other people.

Avoiding Noisy Situations

Sometimes, the best strategy for anything is not preparation, but just pure avoidance. Some people are going to come in contact with powerful sources of noise as a matter of course. This will not be the case for many other individuals, and they are better off limiting their contact with noise. People who are constantly going to noisy nightclubs should consider whether or not they’re better off elsewhere.

People who don’t want to change their lifestyles and people who can’t change their lifestyles are certainly free to wear ear protection. However, they should still consider the costs and benefits inherent to choosing their particular lifestyles.


Using industrial ear plugs is not going to solve all of people’s problems when it comes to hearing. However, people can reduce some of their associated problems just by making sure that they are able to protect their ears. Ears are in desperate need of guards, and they need time to recover when necessary. Lots of fairly common activities are much louder than a lot of people think, and they should consider the possibility that they are damaging their ears in a way that will be hard for them to repair later in life. Preventing hearing loss occurs gradually, just like hearing loss occurs gradually.

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