6 Tips You Should Follow When Starting Weight Training

May 24, 2016

Being a newbie in the world of exercising means you are going to face many unfamiliar workouts and routines. Starting weight training is just like starting any other new workout. There will be many things you do not know and have to research in order to do weight training properly. That is why we have come up with these 6 tips that will help anyone who wants to enter the world of weight lifting. Make sure you check them all out before you hit the gym and lift those weights.

Never Start Cold

If you are absolutely new in the world of fitness you might just start lifting weights as soon as you enter the gym. Still, this may have a negative effect on your body. It is very important not only to stretch and warm up your muscles but to get your blood flowing as well. There are many ways you can prepare your body for a serious training. The best way is to do some aerobic exercises such as jogging, cycling or using an elliptical machine. This will get your muscles started up and your whole body ready to burn some fat. 10 to 15 minutes of warming up is usually more than enough.

Choose the Right Weights for You

When you are starting to go to the gym you should also carefully pick the weights you are going to lift. Barbells are always a better option than dumbbells since you can easily set the right weight for you. When choosing the weights, it is always a good idea to start with ones you can easily do 10 repetitions with. This is very important, especially if you have never lifted before. You should start slowly and only increase the weight once the current weight seems too light.

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Snack After the Training

One of the things you should never do when working out is taking a break in order to have a snack. This will only make feel slow and you will not be ready to keep on working out. It is also always a good idea to avoid eating before the training. The best time to have a snack is after your training is finished. This way your body is going to replace the energy you used while working out. This will train your body to replace the energy used without storing fat. Snacks of 200-300 calories are the best option, especially if you eat right after your training is finished.

Consult a Trainer

If you are starting to work out at the gym, there is usually a trainer who is in charge of making sure that every exercise they do is efficient. When you are new to the gym, consulting the trainer about everything you are not sure about is always a good thing to do. You should check all the information you find on your own. Also, if you have any questions about nutrition, you should talk to the trainer as well. On the other hand, if you are about to get a set of dumbbells and start working out at your home, you should do a thorough research online or consult a friend who is into fitness.

Breathe Properly

Another mistake many newbies make when lifting weight is that they do not breathe in the right way. In fact, a large number of people hold their breath while lifting weights. This is not the right way to do it and it will only slow you down. The best way to breathe when lifting weight is to inhale while your muscles are relaxed and exhale when you are exerting force. This will keep your muscles working well and help you prevent injuries.

Get the Right Equipment

Another thing you should definitely have in mind is that you should get the right workout equipment before you start going to the gym. First of all, this means that you will need a good set of training gloves in order to prevent blisters from appearing. Most of the people also train in t-shirts they do not usually wear. This is not always the best thing to do since there are many t-shirts made out of non-breathable material which will prevent you from releasing enough heat. Also, proper gym wear will boost your confidence and help you move. Getting some support for your knees and elbows is also a great thing to do.

Starting to exercise can be really difficult at first. It is important to stay focused and motivated. Only by working out regularly and implementing the right techniques will you be able to make some progress. Once you spend some time at the gym and gain experience, weight training will seem much easier and nothing will stop you from exercising even more. All it takes is some dedication and hard work.

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