7 herbs that will boost your brain effectively

November 3, 2015

There are many things that go on in a person’s brain, and this can be overwhelming at times. The pressures of life especially in the recent times have increased thoughts and psychological stress. The living standards have increased, and this means that there is a need for more money for one to be comfortable. There are several herbs that can help to improve the function of the brain and this are:

  1. Rosemary

Research shows that rosemary is one of the herbs that can help to improve the function of the brain. It is advisable to take the herb in tincture form as the smell is also desirable. It is also important to use the rosemary essential oil as one can achieve the same results. The herb is known to be tonic to the brain. The herb stimulates the brain to function properly, but it does not leave one with harmful side effects like anxiousness, and this enables it to improve concentration and cognitive performance of the brain.

  1. Gingko

Gingko helps in improving memory, and it promotes circulation of blood in the brain. There are also some studies that indicate the herb can help to rejuvenate brain cells to function well. The herb helps to improve the cognitive function of the brain but does not lead to cognitive problems. It is advisable to include gingko when taking a brain formula to improve the functioning of the brain.

  1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha helps to reduce the effects that occur in the brain secondary to prolonged stress. It promotes rejuvenation of the brain enabling it to function in a youthful state. The recent studies show that the herb helps to reduce the impairment of the brain. Some people say that the herb helps them to solve problems and to be creative when they desire inspiration. The herb also aids in protecting the brain against oxidative stress that causes degeneration of the brain cells. Research also shows that the herb helps to improve the visual memory of the brain in the long term.

  1. Sage

The other name for wise people are is ‘the sage’ in most places, and this is regarding this herb. The herb is known for many years to help in enhancing memory and improving the cognitive function of the brain. Some of the main components in this herb are the same as those that help in the manufacture of drugs used for Alzheimer’s disease. It is advisable to use this herb in the essential oil form just as in the case of rosemary.

  1. Bacopa

This herb is in use for making ayurvedic medicine that helps with brain enhancement of anxiety and memory. Studies indicate the herb helps the brain to function better, and this includes the left and right hemisphere of the brain. It aids to improve the capacity of an individual to focus and have attention to a particular thing. It also helps in rejuvenating the cells of the brain, increasing the capacity of memory and reducing stress. Research shows that there is a lot of scientific research that backs the use of this herb, and it is shown to be one of the favorite ones in use.

  1. Brahmi

Brahmi is a natural agent that helps in brain enhancement. The herb helps in making ayurvedic medications and other Indian preparations that help with boosting memory and functioning of the brain.  The herb helps in brain enhancement by improving the work of neurotransmitters that are in the brain, and this ensures that it is functioning effectively. The herb contains powerful and essential antioxidants that help with maintaining the clarity of the brain and reducing anxiety and stress.

The herb also aids in stimulating the function of dopamine receptors, and this promotes the natural treatment of conditions like Parkinson’s disease and depression. It is advisable to consume this herb regularly as it helps to reduce inflammation in various parts of the body including the brain.

  1. Gotu kola

This herb helps in brain enhancement by boosting memory, reducing anxiety and improving the functioning of the brain. When the herb is in its supplemental form, it helps in circulation of the blood in the brain, and this improves its functioning. When the varied parts of the brain are well supplied with blood, there is an increase in memory, attention span, concentration, intelligence, and reduces the occurrence of psychiatric disorders. This herb also helps in providing oxygen to the brain by increasing the blood supply, and this provides the nourishment needed for the brain to function effectively.

Healing herbs in hessian bags and bottles of essential oil near rustic wooden wall, herbal medicine.

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There are varied herbs that can help in brain enhancement and this makes one live a healthy and happy life. It is advisable to include these herbs in the diet instead of taking energy drinks when one is feeling tired. The herbs that can help in the effective functioning of the brain include sage, gingko, Brahmi, rosemary, bacopa, and ashwagandha. One can also use brain enhancement supplements which contains natural ingredients.


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