8 Great Tips to Fight with Your Back Pain

September 30, 2016

One of the most common pains that one could feel is located at his or her back. The pain can become too sharp and may give you hard time moving or working on your daily routines. If this is something you usually feels, then it is high time to seek medical help. Although, there are ways and means to at least lessen the possible chances of this condition to occur, thus better do it before back ache happens.

8 Great Tips to Fight with Your Back Pain

Practicing the following tips will surely lessen the possible chances of back pain attacks

Enough sleep in the right way

Something you need to know, is that sleeping 8 hours a day is not enough. It is necessary that you sleep at the right way.

  • If you sleep leaning on the side, left or right, position your legs up a little toward your chest and use pillow in between your legs.
  • Sleeping on the back, placing a pillow under the knee area will help support the normal curve of the lower back area of the body.
  • Some find comfort sleeping on their stomach, if this is how you sleep, place a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis, this will reduce the strain that may occur possibly on your back.

Soft exercise

Soft exercise, including stretching, can help reduce back pain. Soft exercise like stretching should be done to reduce the pain, although, it should be done with care.

  • Stretching is what one should do initially before performing any exercise.
  • Stretching, just like any exercises, should not give you any pain. Do not force your body to stretch, this may cause you back pains.
  • Make sure that you have enough space to move freely.. Limited spaces to stretch and exercise may give you pain than ease.
  • Do not exercise if you feel extreme pain on your back area, this may cause you injury.

Try yoga

Join yoga classes or watch yoga videos online, this will give your back good relief. Yoga can give relaxation to the entire body, including the back.


Reduce your load

Carrying heavy load or tasks and responsibilities that are a little heavy to accomplish or to physically demanding, are things that one cannot avoid all the time, these activities may serve you back pains, thus trying to reduce your load may be deemed needed, if reducing load is not possible, then making use of equipments or mechanisms that can help you carry things or finish tasks the easiest way possible is recommended, trolley, carts, power tools, etc. to name a few.

Apply heat and cold

Although heat is more recommended and tested to ease back pain than cold, both temperatures were said to be effective easing pain that one may feel on their back.

  • Heat

It is better to use moisten heat than dry heat. Heat should be applied directly to the painful back for about 15-20 minutes. Studies prove that heat can reduce the pain not just located on the back but as well as other parts of the body. Heat can surely give utmost relaxation to the back area.

  • Cold

Cold can bring treat and ease to back pains, inflammation, swelling brought by injuries or other health condition including arthritis. Ice the entire area for about 10 minutes every hour for the first 24 hours and the next 2 days, make it every 2 hours to 3. Make use of ice packs thrice a day to relax the back from aching.

Eating habits

Just like in anybody conditions nothing can best treat or avoid any sicknesses or negative health condition than eating the right food. There are many foods that can help you ease back pain and lower the chances of it to occur. Foods like fish, yogurt, coffee, cranberry juice, cherries, ginger, to name a few. If you want to live a healthy and normal life, it is just necessary that you eat the right food and watch your diet.

Correct posture

Although hard for some, good posture should always be observed. Right posture sitting, standing, walking and even doing exercises. Bad posture may lead to stress on the back, the weight that supposedly be carried by the entire body might just be focused on the back, thus stressing and pressuring the back area. Try to always straight your body when doing different daily routines.

Cupping therapy

Have you heard about cupping therapy? This type of healing is actually not new, as this is a form of alternative medicine that has been used long time ago. This is being performed by a therapist with the use of special cups placing on your back to create suction. This therapy is known to treat back pain, blood flow, inflammation etc. This type of therapy penetrates deepest tissue on the back, thus giving you an ultimate relaxation and healing.


Back pain is surely not something that one would like to feel and experience. Working you way for this to avoid is definitely something you need to consider best. If in case after doing all the tips suggested and you still feel back pain, consulting a professional may be required. Do not disregard back pains; make sure it will be attended to the soonest time possible.

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