9 Healthy and Natural Ways to Combat ADHD

August 24, 2016

Recent years have seen many people combat ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) symptoms with stimulant drugs such as Strattera, Adderall, and Ritalin. In fact, this has made the production of medication for treating this complication to skyrocket since 1990.

Unfortunately, the use of medication has somewhat many side effects such as insomnia, painful headaches, and even depression. That is why doctors advise that you try the following natural remedies:

Here are some healthy and natural ways to combat ADHD:

Go for EEG Biofeedback

EEG (Electroencephalographic) biofeedback is a type of neurotherapy used to measure brain waves. According to a 2011 study, EEG training is one of the most promising healthy and natural ways to combat ADHD. It helps children identify and correct their symptoms.

Children play a special video game, and they’re given a task to concentrate on such as “keep the plane flying”. If they’re distracted, the plane will start to dive or the screen will go dark. The EEG biofeedback allows children with ADHD to learn new focusing techniques.

Try a Tai Chi or Yoga Class

A 2013 research reported notable improvements in social problems, hyperactivity, and anxiety in boys who practiced yoga regularly. Ideally, researchers noted that people with ADHD who went for tai chi classes were not as hyperactive or anxious.

They displayed fewer inappropriate emotions and day dreamed less when they practiced tai chi twice a week for 5 weeks.

Come up with a Consistent Routine

Although children with ADHD are drawn to new adventure, change, and activities, they are normally balanced with opposite activities that include nurturing, calming, and relaxing.

They need structure and regularity to combat their natural tendencies toward chores such as a regular time to exercise, go to bed, relax, and do homework. People who rely on prescriptions like Adderall are unaware of the side effects of Adderall and how it can hinder your natural pattern.

Avoid Food Colorings and Preservatives

The Mayo Clinic, one of the best health & fitness sites, found that some food colorings and preservatives may stimulate hyperactive behavior in some children.

As such, they advise that you forgo food colorings and preservatives such as allura red (FD&C Red No.40), quinoline yellow (D&C Yellow No.10), sunset yellow (FD&C Yellow No.6), sodium benzoate, and tartrazine (FD&C Yellow No. 5).

Natural RX

Natural RX includes herbs that soothe, calm, and nourish the nervous system. These herbs include St. John’s Wort, chamomile, skullcap, passion flower, valerian, brahmi, hops, and lemon balm.

They can be taken safely as tinctures or tea; just be keen on the box or bottle. Dosing for children usually ranges between one-fourth and one-half while the adult dose is majorly based on weight. 

Give/Get a Message

A study published in the journal “Adolescence” in 2003 looked into the effects of massage on behavior and mood.

It noted that children with ADHD who received a massage therapy twenty minutes two times a week over the course of a month experienced improved classroom behavior in the long term and improved mood in the short term.

Don’t Forget Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements such as essential fatty acids, flaxseed oil and vitamin C, B vitamins, fish oil & probiotics, and magnesium are really important when it comes to combating ADHD symptoms.

Essential fatty acids, for instance, contain DHA, GLA, and EPA, which help with ADHD symptoms. It is recommended that you find a functional medicine practitioner to help you get to the bottom of what’s causing the ADHD before you begin taking these nutritional supplements. 

Forgo Potential Allergens

Certain diets restrict possible allergens and research shows that they may help improve behavior in some children with ADHD. It is recommended to check with your allergy doctor if you suspect your young one has allergies.

Also, you can experiment if your child has allergies by avoiding foods such as milk and eggs, chocolate, chemical preservatives/additives like BHA and BHT, and foods with “salicylates” like tomatoes, chili powder, oranges, peaches, apples and cider, grapes, berries, plums, and prunes.

Wrap up Everything with Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is that diet with very low sugar content but high in vitamins and minerals. People with ADHD are strongly advised to stick to eating meat from grass-fed cow. You should also take organic fruits and vegetables, as well as organic oils like coconut oil.


First, you have to know that ADHD is not anyone’s fault. Research suggests that attention deficit hyperactive disorder is a genetic condition. This fact should help you embrace these healthy, natural remedies.

Given the shocking side effects of ADHD pharmaceuticals (heart attack, stroke, and even sudden death); we are strongly advised to go for natural ways to combat the symptoms of this menace.

About the Author:

Valerie Brusamarello is a content manager at Adderall Addiction Support. She’s also a mother and health & fitness nut who prefers a natural remedy to most issues with the mind and body. She was a psychology major at the University of Missouri.

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