9 Incredible Tips to Stay Healthy Even in your Busy Schedule

July 12, 2017

It’s hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, being in the corporate world; though many of us try to indulge in healthy habits, the workloads make us cheat on our food, and make us consume unhealthy food. It’s easy to grab a granola pack than to have a fruit salad; it’s easy to skip a yoga class, then attending a meeting regarding work.

People think it’s hard to maintain a healthy life with the busy schedule, but making healthy choices is much easy. You don’t have to indulge in vigorous workout sessions each day, but adapting to simple habits can keep you fit and healthy like – swimming, massage therapy, meal prep in advance, and much more. If you are a therapist, and looking for equipment in your budget, then opt for curtains, desks and Portable Massage Tables for sale. Buying from the sale will save your money and can be an incredible option.

There are many small things, which can be included by you, and that habits will make a big difference in your energy level, as well as your overall health.


  • Plan your meals in advance:  At the end of every weekend, plan your meal for the upcoming week. This will ensure that you know what you have to take for the office and it will also help in keeping a check on your calories. You can also cook in bulk and save it for the next few days; keep them in the refrigerator, so that they are fresh for the rest of the week. You can pack fruits and keep them in the fridge, and pick one, whenever heading for the office. Pack your lunch a night before, so that you don’t have to leave without a lunch box or pack unhealthy food due to the morning rush.




  • Add smoothies and shakes for breakfast: Tossing the healthy ingredients like – kale, spinach, berries, protein powder, and water into a blender, and blending it takes 20 seconds; your healthy smoothie is ready and will keep you full for a long time and provides the necessary nutrients. Switching to a smoothie rather than solid food will not only save your time but also keep you healthy. This protein shake will take less time, less cleanup, and be filling and healthy.




  • Choose soups and stews: Not only they are healthy substitutes for those greasy foods but are a great way to save money and time. These comfort foods are healthy and can be made in bulk, stored or the rest of the week. Make a large batch, and freeze it in a good air-tight container. You can add other healthy ingredients in it to make it exciting and saving yourself from boredom.




  • Opt for meals than to munch snacks all day: When you are busy in meetings or completing the project deadlines, it feels hard to sit down and enjoy a full-time meal. Instead, grabbing a bag of chips or a can of cola is much easier to grab; because of this, you tend to consume more calories than expected. To avoid this, plan small meals, and whenever feel hungry, eat it; it’ll kill the urge to eat other unhealthy fats.




  • Avoid drinking or eating out often: Alcohol and restaurants have high calories, which is not only low in nutrients but also makes you tired and sluggish. If you are heading out to a bar, or a restaurant, carry a healthy snack and opt for seltzer instead of alcohol. You can limit yourself up to one drink or one-half portion of a meal; this limitation will allow you to cut off lots of unhealthy fats.




  • Crockpot to your rescue: In today’s world of technology, everything is controlled by one touch. Using your smartphone to control the way of cooking is much better than other cookers, which needs to be monitored every minute. The multi-tasking tool can cook anything from soups to oatmeal to meat and every ingredient. This is a blessing for a person who is extremely busy.




  • Do interval training: A corporate employee is super busy and due to this face many health issues. But there’s always an alternative for such situations; all you need is 20 minutes to do a great workout and feel good about yourself. Short bursts of high-intensity exercises are more effective than any other form of exercise. Instead of scheduling a workout session at the gym, hop on the treadmill, do some sprints and enjoy the energy post workout. Regular exercises even help to sleep better.




  • Desk Workout: Not every day can be a workout day; that doesn’t mean you have to cheat that day, instead, look for the opportunities around yourself. Do exercises at your desk; it can be a great way to sneak fitness into your busy day. You can also opt for stairs instead of elevators and accelerators. Get up between the busy schedules and take a walk for few minutes.




  • Massage- a way to lose weight and relax: Once a week or a fortnight, indulge yourself in massage therapy. These therapies will not only aid you in losing weight but also cures the stiff and sore muscles you get from the busy week. Go to a good clinic that has a trained therapists and good types of equipment like massage tables , which are comfortable for you. This will boost you and you will feel energetic throughout the week.



The bottom line is…

If your mind and body are relaxed, then you will be more productive at your workstation and feel energized throughout the day. You will be healthy, which will be seen on your face and through your work too. This will also balance your personal and professional life, making you a satisfied and content person.


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