A Beautiful, Self-descriptive Painting of Eczema Treatments

March 1, 2017


For many, living with eczema is like fighting a never-ending battle with themselves. The severe case of this skin condition is characterized by itchy, red-patchy skin lesions that can be one of the most psychologically destructive conditions, because of its presentation.

Despite being a common name in the healthcare arena, eczema, so far has no definite cure. An eczema treatment that may help one individual, may leave no effect on the other. The disease often leaves the affected individuals with a drawn-out dependency on conventional medication, so it is recommended to follow strict precautionary measures to avoid breakouts or flare-ups in first place.

Most of the eczema patients seek to find answers to what works for eczema. Many patients end up following a hit and miss approach to treat this common skin disease. It is essential that the eczema treatment adopted must be suitable and effective for the current condition of the individual. A systematic approach must be implemented to tackle eczema, thus preventing the condition from aggravating.

Take into consideration this 3-step process to achieve the best results from any Eczema treatment being followed:

  • Initially, aim to control the itch
  • Proceed to repairing of the skin
  • Follow the precautionary measures to avoid the flare-ups       


A Graphical Platform for Eczema Cure:

Acknowledging various factors and aspects corresponding to eczema treatment, we have  developed an infographic that explains the research behind commonly used eczema supplements This exquisitely designed illustrative representation, is a compilation of information acquired from trusted studies and research papers published by reputed medical websites, including, PubMed, Cochrane.org, WebMD, DermatologyTimes, MedlinePlus and many more. For drafting this infographic, 35 different approaches were thoroughly studied, that are most commonly searched on the web for eczema treatment.

The infographic lists essential supplements that play an important role in treating eczema or atopic dermatitis. Based upon the significance and effect that each supplement carries, the infographic is divided into 4 sections: Strong, Good, Inconclusive and None. The most positively supported supplements are a part of the Strong category, while the remedies, which are not supported by any research or study, are included in the None section. Each supplement is represented by a bubble and depending upon the efficacy of the supplement, there is a variation in the size of the bubble. One can hover over the bubbles, which makes them pop-out. A bubble can be clicked upon to read a short description and detailed articles related to the remedy. These articles can be viewed by clicking on the links in the bubble that will redirect a user to the site of the original research. Each section, except for None, will include either a thumbs up, thumbs down or a neutral thumb icon for a quick glimpse of the listed articles.

Top-most proven Eczema Treatments:

Coconut Oil: Eczema causes the skin to lose its ability to lock in the moisture that normal skin is able to maintain, making the skin dry and susceptible to bacterial and allergen attack. A quick and easy solution to the concern is moisturization of the skin. Coconut oil so far holds significant evidence to support its role as a good moisturizer, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent. Its formulation, including caprylic acid, capric acid, vitamin E, and K, helps it to prevent inflammation, itching and restrict the infection from spreading. The oil holds the skin moisture intact within the cells.

Turmeric: Turmeric has been considered as an effective herb for the modern world. Its therapeutic properties aid in treating several skin conditions, including infection, inflammation etc. The core component ‘Curcumin’ makes it one of the best available substance to guard against skin allergies and microbial activities.


Fish Oil: Fish oil being rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, is considered as a healthy supplement for the skin. Omega-3 fatty acids help restore the fat cells of the skin and restrict the cells from getting dehydrated thus, increasing their moisture levels.

Aloe Vera: This miracle plant comes with an incredible healing property. Aloe Vera is available in the form of gel as well as juice. The gel provides a soothing and relieving effect on the affected area. Aloe vera juice acts as an internal cleanser and helps in making the immune system stronger. Aloe Vera even holds the ability of refraining the outbreak of eczema.


Eczema, despite of being a distressing and uncomfortable skin ailment, is not a life-threatening concern in most cases. The skin condition can be easily managed by adopting certain precautionary measures in the daily eczema care routine, proper medication and often consulting a skin specialist.

Note: We aren’t medical specialists or analysts. We are simply intellect minds who have formulated the infographic to gain and provide knowledge. We never recommend any user to follow any of the suggested eczema-friendly supplements or remedies without prior consultation with a dermatologist.

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