Best Home Remedies for Leucorrhea Treatment

October 17, 2017

Excessive genital discharge, nasty smell, spotting on undergarments – yes we are talking about the leucorrhea. Leucorrhea is one in many dirty female genital infections. This problem is enough to earn the females really feel peeved as well as awkward. It is dreadful yet nowadays it has actually come to be a common problem amongst the ladies. To handle this vaginal infection, leucorrhea natural treatment is worthwhile.


It is scientifically confirmed that to deal with the leucorrhea naturally, use natural remedy is rather effective.


Why does leucorrhea haunt the females?


Women’s genital components are damp and also covered the majority of the moments that’s why females are extremely susceptible to this infection.


Possible reasons for leucorrhea


  • Poor genital health
  • Hormone discrepancies
  • Improper way of living
  • Unhealthy eating behaviors
  • Bacterial as well as fungal infections
  • Genital wounds as a result of excessive itching
  • Conditions like menorrhagia and also diabetes
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Anemia
  • Tension and also anxiousness


Right here we are detailing the Leading 7 Proven natural home remedy for Leucorrhea Treatment




Bananas are considered as a reliable home remedy to treat leucorrhoea normally. Being decontaminated at work Banana helps to squeeze out the harmful bacterium from a vaginal area.


Instructions to make use of


  • One can take in one to two overripe bananas daily.
  • Repeat it until you observe the noticeable change.


Ladyfinger (Okra).


Ladyfinger likewise comes in the classification of efficient natural remedy for leucorrhoea. Mucilaginous nature of ladyfinger helps in the elimination of mucous from a body. In leucorrhea, it functions well to decrease the genital discharge.


The best ways to utilize.


  • Take ladyfingers, clean them as well as reduce right into tiny pieces.
  • Boil these pieces 15-20 mins in the water till water is reduced to fifty percent.
  • Allow cooling and strain it.
  • Add some honey as well as eat 2-3 times in a day.




Restorative properties of this fruit assistance to fend off the vaginal infections. Fruit, its fallen leaves, and also peel are very useful to deal with the leucorrhea. Therefore, it is an efficient home remedy to treat leucorrhoea naturally.


How to make use of.


  • Take in one glass of fresh pomegranate juice daily for one month.
  • Grind 25-30 fresh pomegranate entrusts to 8- 10 black pepper.
  • Add this mixture in half glass of water.
  • Pressure and drink it 2 times each day up until you observe a visible adjustment.
  • One more alternative makes powder of dried out peel of a pomegranate.
  • Make the powder of dry the rind of pomegranate.
  • Mix 1/2 to one tbsp of this powder in 3-4 mugs of water.
  • Utilize this remedy as a vaginal spray.


Fenugreek Seeds.


Fenugreek seeds are packed with the resistance booster residential properties. In leucorrhea, this aids to balance the pH degree and micro flora in a vaginal canal.


Instructions to utilize.


  • Take two- 3 tsps of fenugreek seeds in 3-4 cups of water and boil for 25-30 minutes.
  • Pressure and allow it cool.
  • One can use this water as a vaginal wash many times daily until the symptoms get reduce.
  • Indian Gooseberry (Amla).


Being an excellent source of vitamin c, it helps to improve up the immune system. In addition, Amla is filled with the antimicrobial homes that help to fend off vaginal infections.


The best ways to make use of.


Make a thick paste by blending one – two teaspoons of Indian gooseberry powder with honey. Consume it two times in a day.


An additional choice is to steam one teaspoon of dried Indian gooseberry root powder in one mug of water up until it minimized to half. One could include little sugar or honey according to taste. Consume it on a vacant belly every morning.




Cranberries loaded with the antimicrobial, antifungal as well as antioxidant buildings. These buildings help to fight against the microbial, viral and also fungal infections. In leucorrhea, cranberry aids to eliminate the bacteria from vaginal wall.


The best ways to use.


Consume one glass of fresh cranberry juice once or twice for finest results.




To handle the leucorrhea, consumption of figs is very good. Laxative action of figs aids to remove the toxins and also waste materials from the body. They work in an incredible way to solve the problem of excess white genital discharge.


The best ways to use.


  • Soak 5-6 figs in over night in one cup of water. Next action in morning is to blend the drenched figs in water. Consume this service on an empty stomach.
  • Conversely, you could grind the equivalent amounts of the bark of the fig tree and also banyan tree to earn a great powder. Include fifty percent -one tbsp of this powder in two-three cups of water. Utilize this remedy as a vaginal laundry.


Additional suggestions.


  • Maintain the proper health.
  • Clean your undergarments daily and also allow them completely dry under the sun.
  • Don’t put on filthy, limited or artificial undergarments.
  • Change undergarments a minimum of 3-4 times daily.
  • Wash the vaginal area and also bordering area.
  • Wipe from front to back after making use of the toilet.
  • Prevent oily foods.
  • Prevent coffee, alcohol and oxygenated beverages.




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