Couple Exercises: The latest trend in the Fitness Industry

September 11, 2017

In order to improve your relationship and get closer to the significant other, you try all sorts of things. Signing up for a cooking class, going to the movies, shopping, are just some of many examples of activities we want to do with our significant other or they want to do with us. One thing we fail to consider is exercising together. Couples exercises are probably the best thing for the relationship which could explain why they have become the hottest trend in the fitness industry. Below, you can see why couples who train together, stay together.

Increased happiness

Evidence shows(1) that after participating together in an exciting physical activity or a challenge, couples feel more satisfied with their relationships and they are more in love with their significant other. The perfect example of an exciting physical activity or a challenge is exercise. Scientists believe that physiological arousal(2) drives romantic attraction between two people, rather than the type of exciting activity or a challenge.
This means that sharing the common fitness goal boosts the quality of the romantic relationship. With regular couples exercise you feel more comfortable having the other person around. These factors automatically improve happiness in a relationship too.


As much as we love being active, motivation is still difficult to maintain. There always comes the time when you’re not up for anything, including workout sessions. One benefit of couples exercises is the never-ending source of motivation. Both people can inspire and motivate one another not to give up and to keep exercising to reach the desired fitness or body goal. What makes your significant other an ideal person for motivation boost? He/she knows you better than anyone else and they can give you the right kind of motivation you need to continue with the exercise.

Better sex

Yet another reason why couples’ exercises are a major hit nowadays is that they do wonders for sex life. After all, it is a well-known fact that regular exercise has the potential to enhance your sex drive and evidence shows it can also improve your passion in a relationship.
Physical activity induces the symptoms of physiological arousal(3) indicated by a racing pulse, sweaty hands, and shortness of breath. In many ways, these symptoms are similar to those of a thrill or romantic attraction to a person. This means that attraction a couple feels for one another is highly likely to increase when they exercise together.


The more you have in common to one another, the more likely you are to stay in the relationship. Exercising together is a one way to stay committed and give the relationship more depth and meaning. For example, if one partner likes working out in the gym while the other person prefers exercising outdoors, you can compromise and reach a solution that will benefit both of you. What about alternating between the gym and outdoors every week? These seemingly unimportant things can mean a lot for the entire relationship.

More success

The JAMA Internal Medicine(4) published results of the study which showed that both men and women are more likely to make positive behavioral changes if their partners do too. The effects are stronger in instances when a partner has been consistently healthy in that domain.
For example, if one person wants to achieve some fitness or body goal such as weight loss then he/she would have more success if the other partner started exercising with them too. Even better; if the other person is already active and within healthy weight range their partners will have higher chances of success.

Spending more time together
The success of every relationship depends on how much time two people spend together. Being apart can be a good thing for the relationship, but not in instances when couples almost never see each other in the first place.
Unfortunately, lifestyle today is pretty hectic and we don’t have enough time to spend with our loved ones. If you and your significant other have busy lifestyles and don’t get to spend enough time together, workout sessions are the ideal way to resolve this problem.
Spending 30-40 minutes exercising together gives the relationship a major boost. You’re working out, but at the same time, two people spend much-needed quality time together.

Improved potency

A study whose findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine(5) revealed that men who exercise regularly have 30% lower risk of impotency compared to sedentary men. Erectile issues are one of the most common sexual problems in men and regular physical activity can help you prevent or overcome them through improved blood flow.
Now imagine the effect of couples exercises. Blood flows throughout your body including genital region. As a result, you get aroused and have sex more frequently. Exercise isn’t the only thing that should be done together in order to improve the relationship, having more sex is useful too especially when the improved performance is the result of joint efforts outside the bedroom.

What to do?
Now that you know different benefits of couples exercises and why this type of training is a major fitness trend, let’s see different things couples can do when working out:
Circuit workout
Bike ride
Lift weights
Band sprints
Squat jump

Tips for couples who exercise together
Be open to new types of training, exercises, etc.
Don’t act like you’re the other partner’s personal training just because you have exercised before
Don’t be mean to one another
Instead of sneaky comments, say something motivational
Treat workouts like they’re a date
Don’t make out in the gym

Couples who exercise together, stay together. This is because joint activities improve sexual life, happiness, and overall relationship satisfaction. Plus, working out as a couple allows two people to motivate one another in a truly effective manner. Couples who exercise together are more likely to reach their fitness goals. You know what to do next, start exercising with your loved one today.



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