How CrossFit Can Transform Your Mind And Body

August 15, 2017

When many people think of health and fitness, they usually think of the many benefits it offers. This is just as true with CrossFit as with any other sport or activity.


But, many individuals only consider the physical benefits of taking up sports like CrossFit.


While there are a lot of great physical perks and a host of CrossFit body transformations, there are also a lot of mental benefits. Indeed, there are lots of ways that CrossFit can transform both your body and mind.


Below, we list just some of the potential benefits of doing CrossFit. These include changes to both your body and mind. It also includes ways in which CrossFit can help change your lifestyle.


These aren’t just theoretical either, we’ve also put in real testimonials of Crossfitters. They detail exactly how the sport changed their lives.

How CrossFit Can Transform Your Mind And Body


It helps you lose weight and get fitter

The first change is also the most obvious one. But, the impact this change can make means it still deserves mention. Weight Loss with regular weight training can help improve your body image and health.


It can also reduce your chances of getting a range of diseases later in life, like diabetes or cancer.


“I look in the mirror now and I’m finally happy with what I see. It’s {my body} not skinny. It’s strong and healthy” – Caroline Stirling, 27, Crossfitter for the last 3 years.

It helps you feel more confident

Another benefit to your mind given by CrossFit is an increase in confidence. An improved self-esteem is a common benefit of regular exercise. It also helps improve mood and productivity throughout the day. So, to help yourself feel better, hitting a CrossFit gym can be great therapy.


“After a workout, I feel like I can take on the world” – John Byrne, 29, CrossFit competitor for the last 5 years.

It helps make you more capable

Another perk, both physical and psychological, is an increased feeling of capability. This is especially true in weaker, or older individuals. Ordinary daily tasks that used to be a struggle now feel easier. Examples include carrying the shopping or helping with chores around the house.


This is a very underrated benefit of activities like CrossFit and one of the reasons for the increase in confidence discussed above.


“Ever since I started it {CrossFit}, I can move more and have more desire to move” – Sarah Coulson, 56, CrossFitter for the last year.

It helps you become a better problem solver

An often under-discussed mental transformation of CrossFit is that it can help you become a better problem solver. Both regular weightlifting and aerobic exercise have been shown to increase problem-solving ability. This is true both inside and outside of the gym.  


So, because CrossFit employs both aerobic and strength exercise into its routines, this makes it a great sport to help boost your problem-solving.


“Nothing challenges you like sport. Both mentally and physically you have to be fast and react instantly” – Stephen Myers, 31, CrossFitter for the last 3 years

It can improve your social life

One great aspect of CrossFit is that, while it’s an individual sport, it’s not treated like that by its participants. CrossFit has one of the biggest and most passionate communities around. So, participating in CrossFit can help transform your social life as well as your health.


This, of course, has a ton of benefits in itself, including improved performance and better mental health.


“I have an entire group of friends I wouldn’t have without this sport. I owe it a lot” – Shawn Leehy, 22, CrossFitter for the last 2 years.

It can help improve your performance in other sports

For those who are already involved in other sports competitively, CrossFit can transform your performance. It’s broad range of activities make it a great general preparation activity for any athlete.


Also, those who want to improve specific areas of their fitness can select certain CrossFit workouts to help do this.


Overall, this makes CrossFit a highly accessible and effective sport from any athlete, as well as for beginners.


“I’m definitely more explosive since I started CrossFit. My running speed has gone way up!” Dan Brian, 26, CrossFitter and football player.

It can improve and protect your mental health

Aside from the increased social activity and improved self-esteem, CrossFit can also directly transform your mental health. This is due to the impact weight lifting, and regular aerobic exercise has on boosting brain matter growth.


This can help improve everything from memory to mood, to cognitive performance. So, while many associate exercises like CrossFit with enhanced physical health, its impact on mental health can often be even more pronounced.


“I’ve felt better everyday since I started training {at CrossFit}. I think it’s great for the mind and the body” – Stephen Ludwig, 28, CrossFitter for the last 3 years.

Wrap Up And Take Home Points

CrossFit, like many other sports, can be a transforming experience. Regular participation can bring a host of benefits. But, the mental benefits are often underappreciated and under-discussed.


So, if you’re considering getting into CrossFit, remember that there is a diverse range of benefits that come along with it. To make the most of these benefits though, you should keep the following steps in mind:


  • CrossFit has a thriving online community. So, be sure to take part in all social media challenges and post your progress regularly.
  • If you’re a little strapped for cash, consider a cheaper membership or look at developing a home CrossFit gym.
  • Once you’re familiar with CrossFit and have been training regularly, consider taking on a beginner CrossFit competition. This can be a truly life-changing experience.

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