Easy Ways to Give a Foot Massage

September 25, 2017

In order to help you unwind after a long day, it’s good to get a foot massage. This can help to treat issues such as stress, insomnia, and headaches. It also helps to increase blood flow and to relax. You can start by massaging the tops of the feets, soles, heels, as well as toes with lotion, oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, or creams made for the feet. Especially, you will feel better after a massage in tender, cramped or tight areas of your feet. That’s why we are here to give you some easy ways to give a foot massage.


  1. Massaging the Foot’s Top, Heel, Sole, and Toes


Rub the top of the foot with your thumbs. First, rub the tip of the toe. Then, move to your ankle and back down their foot. Use your thumbs to apply firm pressure. And, use your hands to cup their foot. It’s great to move up and down the foot for 2-3 times. By keeping their foot near your chest area, you can apply the right amount of pressure to their foot. Also, remember to use the strength of your body weight to massage their feet, not the muscles in your thumbs. Your thumbs may be easily cramped up and tired if you use only them to massage.


Massage the arches of the foot. Move one of your thumbs clockwise and another one counterclockwise in small circles with light pressure to the arch of their foot. Repeat this for at least 30 seconds.

  • Move your thumbs toward one another on the opposite ends of their foot. Repeat this action for at least 5 times.
  • Ensure to use some pressure to grip their feet firmly when you massage them so that they don’t lose focus on the massage.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on their feet if there are any sore spots because this may irritate the area.


Rub the heels of the foot. Run your thumbs from the heel as well as ankle to the calf muscle up and down their tendon. Then, use your thumbs to rub the heel of their foot in circular motions. Besides, for these dry and hard skin, you should use oil or lotion to massage them to help reduce any friction.


Squeeze and pull each toe. Use one hand to keep their foot under the arch. Use another one to place on their big toe. Place your index finger underneath their big toe. Then, you have to rotate their toe to one side. At the same time, pull it from the top to bottom. Repeat this for each toe to loosen as well as relax them. Avoid yank on their toes to prevent them from injury. In stead, you should rotate, pull, and squeeze them.


Slide up and down each toe with your fingers. Use one hand to hold the foot behind the heel. Put your index finger between the person’s toes. Then, slide your finger to the base of the toes and end of the toes. Repeat this action for 2-3 times between their toes. Ensure to use your body weight.


Focus on one foot at a time. In order to relax their feet, you can put the other foot soaking in warm water or on the pillow. Then, massage all of their foot. Do this for each foot to relax equally their foot.


  1. Deeply Massaging the Ankles, Soles, and Pressure Points


Do a deep massage on the ankles. Determine the hollow area below their ankle.  squeeze this area by using your thumbs or fingers for a few seconds. Then,  make circular motions around their ankles.


Use your fist on the soles of the feet. If you want to get deeper massage, you should keep their foot with one hand at the heel. And, press gently another hand on the sole of their foot in order to release this area more deeply. Also, you should avoid to punch or hit the soles of the feet if you don’t want to make their relaxing loss. In stead of that, it’s better to apply more even pressure to the area.


Apply pressure on specific areas of the foot. To release certain areas of their body, you need to massage certain areas of on their foot. Relieving a particular issue they may have by using your thumb and forefinger to put the pressure on these areas.


  1. Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere


Soak the person’s feet in hot water and sliced fruit. After the person sits down in a comfortable chair, you pour 4 to 5 gallons of warm water in a bin. It’s a good idea to place some slices of lemon, lime, or orange in the water. Put their foot on the water for a five-minute soak. Besides, you should also add five to ten drops of oils such as peppermint, lavender, or tea tree to the water if you want to have a pleasant smell.


Dry their feet with a clean towel. Let her foot in the water a five-minute soak. You put a clean towel on a pillow in your lap. Then, put their feet dry with a clean towel after you lift their foot out of the water.


Use a small dab of massage oil or lotion on your hands. Warm up the lotion by rubbing your hands together. To protect your hand from any roughness or friction with the person’s feet, you need to use an oil or lotion.


Maintain a calm, quiet environment for the massage. You can use light candles and calming background music to create a relaxing setting for the person.



Sure, each person will get many benefits of a foot massage. So, it’s great to practice massaging your foot regularly. It’s better when you get into the habit of getting a foot massage once a week. This task will help to give you a stress release. Hope our sharing today will help you understand more about a foot massage as well as its importance.  

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