Fitness and Weight Loss Myth

March 8, 2017

We live in a saturated world where each of us has different views with regards to health and fitness have. Every information pops up online suggesting a variety of weight loss myths.

Sometimes we are bombarded with tons of problems due to fake information. We are here to help debunk these myths so that you can carry on with your fitness program.


  • Dieting will Reduce Fat


That you are losing weight when dieting does not necessarily mean that you are also losing fat.

The human body cannot tell the difference in intentional deprivation from some food (dieting) and starvation, therefore it automatically adjust to body system protective-mode by reducing the body metabolism rate to store up some fat since fat is an important energy-source.

According to a study, the body adjusts to burning up muscles in the place of fat. When you intentionally cut down your calorie intake, you will notice a drastic weight loss at the start before the body adjusts to new food quantity.

That initial weight loss is not loss of your body fat but lean muscles and body water loss. The actual body metabolism when you diet is an exact opposite to what is believed, you do not get rid of fat like you think.

The metabolic adjustment made by the body during dieting process makes the muscles to serve as alternative energy source instead of fat. The body cannibalized (eat up) your muscles and store up fat as protective measures for rebound.

After enough fat is stored, the body reverses to its usual metabolism process. This reverse or rebound effect results in gradual halt to body weight loss that you noticed at the start of your dieting process.

If you do not find another way to burn up body fat (e.g. by exercising), you become fatter than you were.

The best way if not only the way to burn body fat and stay fit is to do thing that will increase body system metabolism which will help burn up more calories.

A good example is exercising and engaging in daily activities that make you sweat. Keep fit and be in shape by making routine exercise and small quantity of quality meal intake a habit to balance body metabolism and calories use up rate.


  • Shakes, Pills and Powders can Cause You to Grow Lean


It is believed that shakes, popular pills and powders can cause you to grow lean, well, this is not exactly so as said in such products advertisement.

It is true that many of these products are food extracts and can supply the body with nutrients but they are alternatives to eating quality food.

Some of these products contain synthetic contents that are not really good for the body system in the long run, especially those miracle working ones.

Do not just accept the fact by hear say, when next you see a TV advert on miracle products, take time out to read the produce DISCLAIMER OR WARNING.

One can actually lose some weight by taking shakes, diet pills or powders, but such weight loss is not a healthy on because that will mean subjecting your body to risks of using drugs or pills.

The long term side effect may not be a good one, in some cases it may cause another health issues or even work in the opposite expect way- you get fatter.

Dieting is not a life time routine, therefore when you pause dieting, your body rebounds and all lost weight are regained. Some people become bigger too.


  • A Routine Aerobic Exercise will Burn-Up the High Percentage of Body Fat


You may have been told that regular aerobic exercise will help you lose fat, but that is not exactly true.

If you do not know how to have control and monitor your cardiovascular intensity when exercising to quite a number of calories, your aerobic exercise will have little or no profiting.

To accelerate the rate of your fat loss with aerobic exercise, you will have to do more than just exercising, add little weight lifting to maintain muscle tone as well.

According to NCBI, to burn off excess body fat, aerobic exercising should be combined with resistance training. Keep a 40minutes exercise and training session for at least three times in a week to transform your body dramatically.


  • Weight Lifting -Resistance Training Doesn’t Burn Fat


Weight lifting in itself does not help you burn off fats like it is often said but it supports muscle tone of body areas where fats are being burn off from.

Muscles are tissues that are metabolically active and not fats. On the other hand, fats are human body energy source, but when body fats are in excess, it can become inconveniencing and burdensome.

Muscles uses energy gotten from fat, therefore when you train, you make the body use up more energy from fat, thus helping the body to burn of more fats.

This is the absolute truth about weight reduction and the secret behind fitness. Looking awesome and healthy is not only about the number of fat you are able to burn when undergoing a work out, this is because only perform a lot of exercise in a week.

The main secret is how metabolically energetic your body is which is under 95% most times. You do not need to look just exactly like Madonna or Arnold to turn to fat burning robot.

All you need to do is to sustain and if possible expand the tissue of your lean muscle; this is can be easily achieved with an appropriate training program.


  • Reduction of Thigh, Tummy Trimmers and Body Shapes Can See Reduction


Throughout the nation people are showing interest in infomercials promoting specific muscle exercisers for body weight reduction.

No one can reduce waist size by just exercising the abdominal muscles; neither can lessen your thighs with a thigh trimmer. This is a scam. An absolute rip -off.

The major way to lessen body fat is via the combination of an exact supportive program of nutrition couple with appropriate balance of aerobic and battling exercise.

If you feel this is difficult, I want to assure you it is not difficult. It’s actually only difficult to believe all the lies, total rubbish, and misinformation that you are being forced to believe by these large, mega-grand organizations trying to further enrich their pockets at the expense of the consumers.

About the Author:

Mike Valdez is a writer and fitness enthusiast. He currently enjoys outdoor sports while making his living as a professional online marketer.

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