11 Amazing Foods to Boost Your Metabolism

May 18, 2016

Starting a diet plan is never easy.

In fact, it can be one of the most difficult things that you ever decide to do.

Thinking about all of the foods that you’ll have to cut out of your diet might have you wondering what you can eat and leave you in a spiral of anxiety and guilt.

A diet plan is a good start to a healthy lifestyle, which is why we’ve put together this list of the top 11 foods that you should be putting on your plate if you want to kick-start your metabolism and start burning that stubborn fat.

There are many fitness experts that think that you can only achieve optimal your optimal body by drink green smoothies and protein shakes but there are many wholesome, natural food items which can all help you slim down, but we decided to focus on a few of the ones you may have been neglecting.


This form of edible seaweed is a great food to eat if you are looking to burn fat because it contains an extremely high amount of iodine.

Iodine is an incredible mineral that maintains and supports proper functioning of the thyroid.

The human thyroid supports a healthy metabolism so maintaining peak performance is essential for weight loss!

You can use Dulse as a seasoning to add flavor and power-packed nutrients to your meal.

Chia Seeds

This superfood contains amazingly powerful nutrients that aid in fat loss through appetite management.

The great thing about Chia seeds is that they are so small and mildly tasting that you can seamlessly incorporate them into many of your meals.

When you add these nutritious seeds as toppings to meats, salads, and protein shakes, you are adding a lot of fiber and protein which will help suppress unwanted cravings.

Green Tea

Green tea’s weight loss prowess comes from its ability to help you burn calories and suppress the appetite.

We recently decided to make green tea one of our primary weight loss foods because of its numerous health benefits Green tea has been popular in Asia for thousands of years as a healthy and refreshing drink.

It is known to be high in anti-oxidants and helps in boosting immune health.
Studies have shown that drinking green tea increases thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis translates into the body’s ability to generate heat during bodily functions which has the potential to increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation.

Flax Seeds

We love flax seeds because of their excellent flavor and extremely healthful benefits.

Fats are an important part of every diet and it is important to note that not all fats are bad.

The fats like the omega-3 acids in flax seeds can actually help you lose weight.

Flax seeds are full of these omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and ALA – alpha linoleic acids, which help to protect the arteries in your heart.

An added advantage of eating flax seeds is that they also help regulate brain function and blood sugar.

Flax seeds are best eaten ground and sprinkled on some of your favorite health foods.

Whole flax seed also contains a high concentration of fiber. This fiber acts as a gentle laxative to help flatten your tummy and suppress the appetite.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can raise your metabolism by 25%.

There are some diets that may suggest you to incorporate cayenne on a daily basis.

Two of cayenne pepper’s most useful properties are:

  • The ability to stimulate and detoxify the body by cleansing the blood from toxins.
  • Stimulant properties that can help you burn fat by getting your blood pumping for a nice natural boost before a workout


Grapefruit is excellent at cutting fat and revving up your metabolism. Grapefruit is high in vitamin C and has many immune-boosting properties.

The acids in found in a grapefruit can also help in blocking fat and carbohydrates from being stored in your body.

The best time to eat grapefruit is after a meal like lunch or dinner.

Like many other fruits, Grapefruit is also high in fiber and contains about 16% of the dietary fiber that you need each day.

Eating foods which are high in fiber and water will help you feel fuller for longer periods of time.


This delicious and tropical fruit is rich in fiber, vitamin C and it also contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps the body to process protein quickly, so you can get more energy.

While the pineapple is very nutritious it is also a fruit that has a lot of sugar content so be sure to consume in moderation.


Eating apples can help you lose fat in two primary ways:

  • Giving you energy and boosting your metabolism.
  • Satisfying your sugar cravings and making you less likely to eat other sugary and high caloric foods.

An apple a day may really be the key to keeping the doctor away.


Garlic is a very effective fat-burning food because it contains the compound Allicin.

If you have never heard of Allicin, it is responsible for the aroma that fresh garlic produces.

It also has an anti-bacterial effect and helps reduce cholesterol and unhealthy fat.

It should not be too hard to add garlic to almost every meal. You can put garlic in your breakfast of egg whites scramble, the dressing of salad, or use it to flavor your chicken dinner.
Try to zest your nightly meals by adding a little garlic or opt for a natural garlic supplement which gives you all of the nutrients found in whole garlic.


Seafood is a category that does not get a lot of attention, but the benefits from eating fish are incredible.

Fish typically are low fat and contain a lot of protein, which helps burn fat and help you feel full.

Although there are a few fish that have high amounts of fat such as: Trout, Sardines and Salmon, these fish still contain the healthiest fats that you can consume.

Be sure to bake, sauté or broil your fish for best results!


Eggs are delicious, very high in protein and help in burning fat. Even though they also have a fair amount of cholesterol,  when consumed in moderation, the benefits largely outweigh any causes for concern.

Including eggs 2-3 times per week in your breakfast is one of the tastiest and healthiest ways to fuel metabolism.

Eggs also contain Biotin (one of the least well-known of the B-complex vitamins) which is involved in regulating metabolism.

Healthy food with different fruits, berries and vegetables

With so many benefits, these foods will do an amazing job in providing a jolt to your metabolism and are an ideal addition to any weight loss diet.

Whether you decide to just try out just one of these suggestions or all eleven, you will be increasing your body’s potential for weight loss on a daily basis.

It is important to note that although these natural foods can help boost your metabolism, it is still important to incorporate consistent healthy eating habits and regular exercise as part of your regimen.

A healthy diet which is low in sugar, fat and refined carbohydrates, along with one hour daily of moderate to intense physical activity is still, and always will be, the best way to lose weight.

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