How to free your mind with some tips in meditation

May 2, 2017

Occasionally, you might have thought that you would rather not having mediation at all as the harder you try to concentrate and calm your mind, the more frustrated you get since you could not stop thinking. Chances are you have worried so much and the brain is not confident at concentrating on “not doing” activities. Therefore, the best method to keep your mind concentrating and free your mind from those negative, unwanted thoughts is to remove your concerns, resolve the causes of the issue such as pain in body parts (shoulder pain, back pain or headache) and try to calm your mind with peaceful thoughts and emotional stability.

Below are some tips in meditation that you can take into consideration to concentrate in your practices. These tips are simple and easy to follow that you can calm your mind and get self-centered in just 10 minutes. These tips should be followed for a week to make a difference.


It pays no matter whether you do the meditation for 1 minutes for 1 hour if you are not concentrated. Since you are going on a routine, try your best to start your meditation at the exact same time for every day. Therefore, when it is time, your brain will automatically switch to meditation zone.

Choose the time wisely that works the best for you and your lifestyles as well. After one week, you will want to meditate more.


Similar to time zone, pick a place that suits best for your meditation practices and do meditation at that area every day. This will create another effective routine so that your subconscious mind will automatically connect your chosen place with the meditation activities. Subsequently, your concentration will be enhanced and your mind will be drawn with inner peace.


Instead of meditating alone in your room, why not take part in a meditating community with those people share the same interest with you. A lot of people prefer to meditate in a group who might have deeper experience to share with. It will be a good spiritual promotion to meditate with those who have the same target like you. Go and check your neighborhood, your work place or donation classes.


Though meditation is an inner journey by yourself, it does not mean you have to do everything by yourself. As mentioned above, you might want to participate in a group of people who share the same target with you. Or instead you can contact to a meditating teacher who you trust and respect to get access to more information, tips and more importantly, inspiration. An excellent teacher will guide you through difficulties towards your inner intuition.



Whether you struggle with massive concerns while meditating or not, you should try this new method. Do a free writing before practice meditating. Write down anything that pops up on your mind. By doing this, you are swiping out the repetitive and sometimes negative thoughts out of your mind so that your brain will be refreshed with less emotional changes once you meditate. This act can create a peace and calm mental space for you.


You can start writing your meditation journey right after meditating. Though it might not seem logical or sequencing, just write whatever comes to your mind at that moment. Human body can access to subconscious state and higher self when we are on mediating journey therefore, by writing down your insights, you can have access to your subconscious mind’s message. You can revise back after several days or weeks later and you will be surprised at those experiences.


Once you close your eyes, self – question your mind, your body, your heart and your spirit for any experience you have met in your life or you wanted to ask a long time ago in meditation. Sweet and kind questions would make the best tips for meditation as it can have your subconscious mind aware of your conscious intention.


Once you are wondering whether you are practicing right or wrong, mentally reply that you are right and smile. This mental tip can help you stop self-doubt that can drag you down from meditation. And if you are trying to concentrate, you are awesome and you are doing correctly.


After meditation, truly say thank to yourself by putting one hand on the chest and gradually inhale and exhale so that your heart, your mind and your spirit can take care of you next time. Take a while to look around before sitting up slowly. These moments will help you to retain the calm state while your body moves back to daily life again.


Give some new experiments a try to see what is the most suitable for you. Since there is no correct way to do meditation, there are various techniques only. Some might help you with a calm and peace mind while others boost your emotion and help you find inner peace.

One of the way to find out which meditation technique suits you is to look at your learning method. If you work best with watching others do and follow, try some with visualization. On the other hand, you work best with listening to others, choose mantra meditations instead. Try to seek for the technique that works best for you so that you can connect yourself with your spirit and concentrate.


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