Getting rid of sore muscles after a hard workout session

July 24, 2015

To keep your body fit and to achieve the perfectly tuned body you always wanted, it will be needed that you work out a couple of times a week, even more if you want better results. Nevertheless, working out requires a lot planning and also a lot of taking care of your body. Keep in mind that after a good workout, it will be needed to rest plenty, or else you might have sore muscles soon after. Even though it is perfectly normal to have sore muscles, it should not be something you have to endure until it passes on its own, there are ways to make it less painful.

Get plenty of rest and sleep

It is very important that you give your body enough time to recover, whether you will have more rest, or if you sleep more, it is important that you do not strain yourself. After all, when working out, you are overstraining your muscles to a point where mini tears appear, and your body will have to heal it up. Normally it would give you the feeling of soreness, and it means that you will feel awful for a while, but if you sleep enough, your body will have more time to repair and mend itself.

Always stretch before and after


Though there is plenty of arguments for either case, but stretching is important. The general truth about stretching is that it “warms up” your muscles, meaning that you have already introduced your body to what it can expect from the workout. Moreover, it is a great way to end a workout session, and it will help in mending your soreness in a faster way. Moreover, it is a great way to ensure that you do not end up hurt during your workout.

Give your muscles fuel for better healing

In general, if you want to achieve bigger muscles, it means that you will have to eat more proteins, as it is one of the building blocks of muscles. But it goes for curing soreness as well, protein before sleep will ensure that your body has enough material to work with to repair the small wear and tears in your muscles. Moreover, it is always a great idea to introduce ingredients to your body before bed, because that is when your body is doing most of its damage repair.

Use active recovery methods

Your body and muscles will need a bit of time off every now and then, but is not always best to just sit around and do nothing and let your body get loose. In most cases it is best to go with a more active recovery method, either going for a walk or playing some light games in the park. In either case, it will promote better healing and recovery effects in your body, just make sure that you do not take it too far, as it might cause more damage than harm in the end.

Staying hydrated is crucial

young chinese woman drinking water after jogging

You should never let your body feel thirsty before, during, and after a workout. You need plenty of liquids to stay in shape, and if you combine your protein shakes as well, it will help you get in better shape. Though make sure that next to water, you have a selection of great drinks which could not only quench your thirst, but it could provide necessary nutrients for your body to develop and to function well. Just remember not to drink too much either, as it could have harmful effects on your body.

Visiting a professional

In some cases though, the soreness could become so uncomfortable that you need to visit a professional masseuse to help you out. Though, it is not all the same whether you visit a regular massage parlor, or if you go for a therapeutic one. But, nevertheless, keep in mind that massage heals sore muscles, and that it will be needed if you want to get rid of the pain quickly and without having to suffer. Moreover, learn how to massage yourself, as you will be able to massage certain parts of your body even at home, making it even easier and quicker to recover from soreness.

No soreness in the end

You have to be careful with your workout regime, and you should take into account your post-workout schedule as well, meaning that you will eat, drink, and rest enough so that your body could repair itself. Moreover, keep in mind that plenty of fluids will be required in order to keep your body running at full capacity, and it will also help your body heal up faster. Though, you should make sure that you let your body rest as well, because it will be a good way to promote self- healing properties.

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