Healing your body with mindfulness

February 23, 2016

There have been many talks about benefits of mindfulness, meditation and self-acceptance in general when it comes to both mental and physical state of a person. Unfortunately, not many people are prepared to take a journey into their souls and try to reflect on themselves in fear of feeling more emotional pain. But, no matter what the problem is, be it a broken heart, stress at work or possible illness, it could not be more important to accept all the resulted feelings, learn to live with them, tame them and not simply wait for distress to go away while the health is deteriorating. Moreover, a Broken Heart Syndrome that can lead to chest pain and sometimes real heart attack is a clear sign that stress and negative feelings can affect the health badly. This being the case, the reverse effect is more than possible, meaning that positive energy and thoughts can considerably help with a lot of physical issues.

Accept the situation as it is

There is a reason why people say “If it can be fixed, do not worry. If it cannot be fixed, do not worry.” Worrying does not do anything but robbing a person from strengths and pleasures of a present moment. Therefore, it is essential for a whole well-being of an individual to calm down, take a deep breath and start thinking about things that are putting strain on body and mind. This is a first step when it comes to mindfulness being successful in providing better quality of life. Having the strength to face the stress caused by whatever bad that has happened is what being human is all about. Do not run away from your problems and spend precious time questioning why and how something grave could happen to you when you did not deserve it. The sooner you are able to accept the things that caused you pain and the fact that you cannot change them, the sooner you will be able to move on with your life and take a next step when it comes to curing your body and mind.

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Use positive thinking to your advantage

The power of positive thinking has been known for ages but somehow, modern people managed to forget about this ability that they have and it is only recently that this quality of human mind has started to gain on popularity again and research has been done in order to confirm the effect of positive thinking on overall health. A lot of clinics, hospitals and even 24 hour emergency care are doing their best in promoting positive thinking and happy attitude in their patients. Unfortunately, there are some noted cases where patient’s health worsened when the patient was suddenly overcome with fear, worry and stress. On the other hand, there were also cases where people managed to recover faster than usual thanks to their positive outlook on life. Of course, it is not all about thinking positively that ensures recovery – the studies have shown that the best possible solution when it comes to treating someone who is ill is using both modern medicine and mindfulness together. Constant stress secretes hormones that are able to shut down body’s ability to repair itself, while mindfulness can turn this system on, thus helping with many things such as blood pressure, maintaining weight, anxiety, allergies, moderate depression, PMS, ulcer, herpes, insomnia, any forms of pain, etc.

Meditation as a helpful tool for mindfulness

In order to completely use mindfulness in one’s life, meditation is the final step to achieve inner peace. Meditation does not only have to mean sitting in lotus position with eyes closed, but it can be done in many other forms that promote relaxation and calmness such as drawing, cooking, walking in nature, exercising, etc. Still, being able to sit calmly on the ground with eyes closed without any distractions except for maybe some soothing music can really help with ‘reaching the Universe within ourselves’ and finding meaning in life. It can be really difficult to completely empty the mind of worries and thoughts that brought someone to meditation in the first place but this is no reason to give up. This is always the case in the beginning. It is recommended to start with this mental exercise for five minutes a day and then gradually build it to twenty minutes a day. When thoughts appear in your head during this time, it is necessary to address them properly and consciously say goodbye to them. Breaking a sweat over negative thoughts appearing during meditation defies its purpose and can only pull you away from mindfulness. It is important to give yourself time with this process and you will feel its benefits soon enough to motivate you to continue.

With all that is said and done when mindfulness as a way to heal the body is concerned, one has to keep in mind that everything starts with themselves. Inner worlds can grow strong or collapse and it all depends on a person’s will to constantly move forward and look forward to tomorrow.

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