Healthy Breakfast for Kids – Fuel Them for the Day

May 3, 2016

You must have heard in various places that breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day – it is true. This stands applicable for adults, teenagers as well as kids. But, most kids throw tantrums in eating breakfast and usually skip it by some means. Many parents wish that there be a magic pill which can they give to their kids in the morning so that it keeps them full, healthy, strong and active throughout the day. But unfortunately, there is no medication available of this kind whatsoever. The end result is that there is no alternative of a healthy breakfast. Research reports have shown that a kid who has healthy and fulfilling breakfast has better energy levels and brain functions than other kids who skip breakfast.

Things that can be included in a healthy breakfast

If you are confused as what to prepare for breakfast so that you kids love it, here are some tips to help you out:

  • Include fruit juice or a glass of milk for sure in your kid’s breakfast schedule.
  • Include grains (cereals, muffin, and toast) of any kind as they are rich sources of carbohydrates with high fiber content. They are also quite filling and healthy.
  • Milk products or milk is mandatory in breakfast. If your kid does not like milk in breakfast, try some yogurt instead with the bowl of cereal. It becomes tasty and nutritious.
  • Fruits of any kind are good for breakfast. It can be anything like apples, bananas, grapes etc.
  • If you have bread for breakfast, try and include an egg item in any form – it can be half boiled egg, full boiled egg, poached egg or even an omelet. A bowl full of boiled healthy vegetables can also accompany the toast and omelet.


How kids benefit by eating a healthy and wholesome breakfast

Though many kids just drink a glass of milk and eat few biscuits for breakfast, it is not a healthy first meal of the day at all. Kids who do not have proper breakfast in the morning show various kinds of problems throughout the day.

Mentioned below are some benefits that can be reaped by eating a healthy breakfast for kids:

  • Better results – Your child will be able to score higher and better test scores if he/she has proper and wholesome breakfast. Published studies and research reports have shown that kids who have nutritious and healthy breakfast scored better results in mathematics examinations than children who skipped breakfast. Overall academic results and performances are better in kids who have their breakfast properly in right quantities.
  • Effective nutrition intake in the body – Nutrition deficiency in kids can be easily made up by taking nutritious and fulfilling breakfast. Requirements of vitamins and minerals in the body remain balanced with a balanced breakfast. Percentage of vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, and calcium is maintained in the body with breakfast. Kids who tend to skip breakfast might get deficient in these components as the lost minerals and vitamins are not replenished.
  • Higher concentration and focus and better class attendance – When the stomach is full, the kid feels healthy and happy and thus is able to focus and concentrate better in class and other activities. The nutrients present in the breakfast keeps the child healthy – physically as well as mentally. Moreover, when a kid is healthy, there are fewer chances of his missing classes and attendance remains very good. With better concentration, the kid can learn and retain things much better.
  • Promotes better behavior in kids – You will find that kids who skip their breakfast are often agitated, irritated, restless as well as tired as the day passes. The child tries to overcome these in a default manner and as a result, might turn aggressive as well. Children who are sent to school after a heavy and nourishing breakfast are less aggressive and have more energy levels. As a result, their overall behavior and attitude in school is highly appreciable.
  • Helps in weight control – Many people have a notion that if a child is bulky, he/she should skip breakfast. This is completely wrong. A normal eating pattern can be established by eating breakfast regularly. In fact kids who skip breakfast and eat random foods and snacks all throughout the day are more prone to gain excessive weight. With regular breakfast eating habit, you can help your kid in maintaining proper weight and control weight if necessary.

Promoting healthy habit of breakfast eating in kids

Though kids might throw tantrums on eating breakfast, it is the duty of parents to make them understand the importance of this meal in the day. Keep time so that your kids can have their breakfast without getting late for school or without hampering other works. Once a healthy habit is started in kids, it remains with them for their lifetime.

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