Holistic How-To: 4 Tips for Healing Your Body and Soul

October 17, 2017

Too many people today suffer with all sorts of seemingly incurable health disorders. In a true sense, these people feel less than whole. While they strive to find any path they can to restore themselves to a time when they felt better, it becomes evident that continued illness and discomfort suggests that there is something critical missing in their healing regiment. This is where holistic healing can help to bring the body and soul back into working order and address both sides of the healing process.

It is All in Your Head

When doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with a person, they try to shame and break people’s spirit with this idea that the discomfort or disease they are experiencing is just all in their head. Well, of course, these doctors might be on to something that even many holistic practitioners overlook. The brain is the place where all discomfort is processed and realized. If your brain did not register the pain or discomfort, you would likely not know you are ill or in chronic pain.

So, in a sense, the primary place to begin the healing process is in changing how your brain handles the experience of pain. In many cases, the brain gets conditioned to feel pain that was once there. What this may be indicating is that you have a problem with your nervous system that needs to be checked out by a functional chiropractor who takes a holistic approach to healing the body. In many cases, simply correcting problems with your nervous system in both its sympathetic and parasympathetic modes is critical to getting the body and soul to feel normal again.

Often, however, doctors and their patients alike overlook this. This is because they do not stop to consider that the nervous system is ultimately responsible for everything you feel. And what you feel in terms of pain and suffering does not always show up as a bump or bruise, but expresses itself as feedback along the nervous system that triggers the pain centers of the brain to react chronically.

When the needs of the nervous system are properly addressed, this can go a long way to helping the brain relax and overcome the emotional or traumatic conditioning that causes people to feel pain. Sometimes this is as simple as changing your attitude to reduce stress. Other times it requires a spinal manipulation and other therapeutic methods to get the nervous system to relent and return to a normal state of functioning.

Breathing and Meditating Your Way to Better Health

Since stress is the root of so many problems plaguing the body and soul, you might be shocked to learn just how important it is to take time every day to do deep breathing and meditation. When the mind is given time to process stress and push it to the side, this helps the body and soul start to relax. As you incorporate deep diaphragmatic breathing exercises, this helps the body and soul to calm down even more. A physical reaction that occurs at this point is that you cause the adrenal glands to stop producing so many stress-related coping hormones.

When you do not take the time to meditate and do some daily deep breathing, your body is left in pretty much a constant state of panic. How can the body effectively heal when it is constantly experiencing a state of panic. This emotional overload becomes normal to most people, and they are no longer able to feel that they are under so much stress. As a result, they do not realize what the underlying problem is that causes their health to remain in a state of disease or discomfort.

Fifteen minutes of deep breathing and meditation, two or three times a day, can truly work miracles for people whose health problems are the result of constant stress.

Nutrient Dense Dietary Changes

Because the body is part of the healing equation, it is absolutely critical to give the body what it needs to heal and thrive. When a person suffers with nutrient deficiencies, it makes it far more difficult for the body to do its part in the healing process. Even in a holistic regiment of healing, the body has needs that simply cannot be ignored. From juicing to eating a wider variety of foods, this makes it possible for the body to obtain the nutrient components it needs to account for all the important functions it must perform in the healing process.

Consequently, this is why nutrient deficiencies are often a major underlying reason for chronic as well as acute health problems. One nutrient you should be focusing on that is essential for good health is magnesium. This is a nutrient that far too many individuals tend to be deficient in that causes all sorts of chronic aches and pains.

Magnet Healing

One of the most controversial practices in holistic healing arises in the subject of magnetic healing. While many in the scientific community remain skeptical, the use of static magnets in bracelets, shoes and other devices have been used for centuries and have been complemented with many claims of healing properties. While the use of static magnets may provide some benefit, scientists today cannot ignore the facts emerging with more aggressive magnetic methods such as are reported by the Mayo clinic where repeated magnetic pulses have been used as a therapy to relieve depression.

Other research by elsevier.com states that “treating such patients with low levels of non-invasive, repetitive, trans orbital alternating current stimulation (RTACS) for 10 days (30-40 min per day) significantly reduces visual impairment and markedly improves vision-related quality of life.” in essence, these findings vindicate the fact that magnetic therapy has been shown to produce significant healing. This is true even among critical scientists who may otherwise be inclined to dismiss this type of care.

What does this mean for you? Essentially it means that if you find someone who has been practicing magnetic healing with good results, they are worth visiting. Do your homework, talk with former patients, read reviews, and give it a try.

Your body and soul work together to keep you healthy. When you neglect the needs of one or both of these health factors, this can lead to a life filled with unnecessary pain and suffering. By addressing the needs of both healing avenues, the body and soul can return to a healthy balance. This will in turn make your quality of life all the more enjoyable when you start giving your body and soul the attention it deserves.

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