How to Look After Your Mental Health When On Holiday

December 26, 2017

Holidays are great for your health. Yet, it’s easy for your brain to go a little haywire in everyday life and should come to no surprise that going on a holiday would be any different. The disruption in routine, the jetlag, being in a new environment or the guilt from knowing that you’re meant to be enjoying yourself on an amazing holiday, can add to an overwhelming mental state.

Luckily, however, we’ve got some great ways to help manage your mental health so you can enjoy a relaxing boat trip in France or sun baking on a golden beach in the Bahamas.

#1 Don’t stop taking your medication.

The anticipation and excitement knowing that you’re going on a holiday can cause an increase state of happiness. In these moments you can be struck with a false sense of security by having the temptation to think, I won’t need to take my anti-depressants when I’m in France!

Make sure to pack enough supply to last throughout your holiday, set an alarm on your mobile phone as a reminder to take your medication at the same time, regardless of the time difference. A seven-day pill box organizer is another great way to keep track on taking your daily medication and will give you peace of mind. Find out the guidelines for having medication in your luggage before the flight. You may need a doctor referral.

#2 Plan to Have Your Own Space

Dedicate some time to yourself. It’s easy to go along with other people’s plans, especially if you’re on holiday in a group and feel obliged to go at the same pace as everyone else. Keeping assertive allows you to stay in control of your holiday without submitting to the pressure or guilt, to spend every moment with friends or relatives. Whether that is going for walks along the beach, sitting down for a quiet coffee while they’re out shopping, or staying in while they’re out drinking. Taking breaks is a healthy way to keep on top of your mental health.


#3 Get plenty of sleep and rest

Make use of that comfy bed and get plenty of sleep. A lack of sleep is a major contributor to anxiety and depression. Days when you’re feeling anxious and exhausted, have a night in. Stop feeling guilty about `wasting` your holiday and stay focused on keeping a happy and relaxed mental state. If you’re going to burn yourself out and go through your holiday anxious and irritable, then it will be a waste.  All that emotional discomfort outweighs sleeping in a nice warm bed for the night. Allowing yourself to recharge not only keeps your mental health stable but it helps you stay refreshed and happy to take on tomorrows adventures.

#4 Take some comforts from home


Choosing small comforts from home can help reduce your anxiety levels when you’re out of your usual surroundings. That might be your favorite brand of tea ,a book, relaxing music, comfy pair of pajamas, slippers or a blanket. Make room in your suitcase for something that’ll help you feel less nervous and more relaxed.


#5 Figure out how much planning works for you

For some people, having a spontaneous schedule can help prevent a meltdown from occurring. Whereas others prefer a strict itinerary, where each day is planned out but can get overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do-list. Adding one more item to the list feels effortless, so it’s dangerously easy to over commit. That fuels the fantasy of completing everything in one day which can result in tremendous anxiety. In these instances, keep the list capped to 3 of the most important things you would like to do each day and tick them off.  


Planning activities out ahead of time is a great way to discuss everyone’s goals and expectations. It’s important to compromise to avoid built up frustration and to prevent a relative or friend from hijacking your holiday.   

#6 Give yourself a generous budget

Creating a realistic budget beforehand can be empowering. Understand that your travel budget should be flexible, it’s a guide not a restrictive set of rules. Allow extra money for your expenses so you can enjoy your holiday, rather than constantly thinking on how much money you have spent with every purchase.

#7 See a therapist

If you’re really worried about how you’re going to handle the holidays, make a therapy appointment as soon as you can. Sometimes any situation can stir up a lot of painful memories and emotions that go beyond usual holiday stress. Instead of getting ambushed by these feelings when you go on holidays or in everyday life. A therapist can give you useful tools and help point you in the right direction to maintain a happy and stable life.


With these tips you’ll not only enjoy your holidays and boost your mental state, you may never want to leave!

Bio: Bryson Telling is a writer at Alternative-Sailing. An international boat rental company. To find out more about our great services click here

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