Mom-Friendly Workout Tips to Try this Mother’s Day and Improve Your Health

April 4, 2017

Motherhood is a full-time commitment, and every mom knows well that there is no such day as having a day off, or even a sick day! Even if you were to get help and your partner took over caring for the kids, you will still worry and go over important reminders in your head: have they eaten well for breakfast? Have they done their homework? Have they brought an umbrella to school?

This Mother’s Day is all about helping moms everywhere get into the fitness spirit and squeeze in an occasional workout into their already busy schedules, because every woman should care for herself and nurture her own health! Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate some physical activity into your weekly routine without disrupting your family and work time.


Just like you wouldn’t skip a doctor’s visit, you need to try to change your perception of your fitness program. If your kids have their basketball training or dance lessons, you can look at the nearby gym schedule at the same time, and spend an hour or two every week in a fun, challenging activity while waiting for your kids.

If you prefer, you can schedule regular home workouts as well, and treat them like those regular gym sessions to make sure you don’t falter. Create your own upper- and lower-body workout plan and you can always incorporate HIIT into your week for a healthy, toned body and a strong heart.


Try Tabata

This incredibly simple, but effective routine can take only as much time as you have, and it doesn’t have to be longer than five minutes! Quick Tabata daily workouts can be your perfect morning routine to speed up your metabolism, stretch your muscles and joints, increase your body temperature and prepare for the day ahead.

It requires no extra equipment, and you can do it in the smallest room in your house without disturbing anyone. But be careful, kids might like it so much, they could end up joining the fun!

Gym at home

With a strong willpower and a few minutes to spare, even a single machine at your disposal can become a miracle-worker for your health and physique. If you are a mom with a busy career, getting the right piece of equipment for your home can make all the difference. Browse for top-rated rowing machines online and invest in a permanent health booster for your entire family.

Not only does regular rowing help you lose that stubborn belly fat, it also tones your whole body, strengthens your heart and provides you with a perfect, constantly available stress-relief.

Let your kids join in

No matter their age, kids are exceptionally curious creatures, and when they see you doing something, they will want to be a part of it. So, why not invite your kids to join you in your home aerobics class and follow video instructions, or take them to a brisk walk or a run in the park?

Especially when the weather is sunny, as it is right around this Mother’s Day, there’s no reason you should spend all of your time inside. Take your kids, bring some snacks and plenty of water and spend the day in a park, running, playing volleyball, soccer or throw a Frisbee. If you have a dog, this would be the perfect chance for your entire family to bond and have some fun, while you still manage to get a decent workout!

Create milestones

Whether you are new to training or you’ve just taken a mom-break, setting realistic goals and a timetable will help you get motivated and keep up with your workouts in order to reach your desired goals. It can be putting on some muscles, becoming leaner or just staying healthy, but milestones can help you measure your progress and remind you of your aspirations.

Track your nutrition plan as well as your fitness routine and how they affect your life, and you will quickly turn this chore into a healthy habit and your enthusiasm will simply flourish!

Divide and conquer

When those busy days of the week approach, it feels as if you can barely fit a bathroom break into your schedule, and your exercise routine is the first to suffer. To prevent those unwanted breaks that can turn into weeks or even months of zero physical activity, you will need to tamper with your mindset.

Instead of perceiving your routine as a “set in stone” time of day, you can split the workout into more manageable segments and devote smaller chunks of time to complete your routine during the day. You can start by having a brief morning cardio session, followed by a ten-minute jog in the afternoon and finish by doing several plank, pushup or pullup sets in the evening.

These workouts can give you that much-needed energy, improve your sleep, keep your heart healthy and strengthen your immune system for all the demands that motherhood entails. We know it can be extremely challenging at first, but perceiving your fitness routine as a priority in addition to your family’s well-being will help you protect your health, boost your confidence and it will, ultimately, make your life so much easier. Happy Mother’s Day!

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