Why You Need to Workout in a Maxi Climber Now

March 30, 2017

Often, the most effective workouts and the best machines for exercise are those that allow movements that are similar to typical day-to-day activities. Such is the case with Maxi Climber.

You may wonder: why exercise with a device that mimics climbing the stairs when you can simply walk up and down into an available staircase? That would be easy, cheap and convenient, right? No. Maxi Climber can give you something more.

The Inconvenience of the Conventional Staircase

It’s true that you can work out with a stair. You’d require no money because you won’t purchase any equipment and it’s readily available. However, consider these:

  • You mostly benefit from the act of climbing—not going down. When you work out with a staircase, you need to go back down to repeat the process. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s also time-consuming.
  • Climbing the staircase puts a great force into the joints and ligaments. That is because the surface of each stair is hard and flat and that you increase tension as you go up one step. The damage to your joints and ligaments, or a resulting injury, may not be worth the advantage that you’ll get from the workout.
  • The heights of each step in a staircase are not optimized for your workout and your feet. Furthermore, you can’t adjust the height of each stair. If you have long legs, then you’ll get few benefits from a low stair. If you have short legs, a high stair might give you discomfort or increase your risk for an accident. When you fall a staircase, it will be most probably severe or even fatal.

It’s not that a workout with a stair is altogether bad. Without an alternative, it is a pretty good way to exercise. However, a Maxi Climber provides you the same set of benefits, minus the downside, of working out in a stair.

Working Out with a Maxi Climber


A workout with a Maxi Climber is a full-body cardio exercise. According to https://easyfitnessdaily.com/maxi-climber-reviews/, not only that it increases blood circulation to your entire body, but you’ll also engage muscles from your arms, chest, belly and legs, as well.

The Maxi Climber is among the most efficient workout machines. An hour in a Maxi Climber results to 500 calories burnt. Since it doesn’t put too much stress on joints and ligaments, you’re more likely to exercise for an extended period.

Most Maxi Climbers are adjustable and ergonomic. That is, they work well with your body, and you can adjust certain functions to make your exercise more efficient and comfortable. Like most workout machines, it has a monitor that tracks how long you’ve been on the machine and how much calories you lost.

Workout Basics When Using a Maxi Climber

#1 Wear comfortable shoes

Maxi Climber’s foot pedals are hard thus it is advisable that you wear a pair of comfortable shoes with excellent shock absorbing ability. Also, the middle portion of your feet will receive the most force.

Working out in a Maxi Climber for an extended period, with the impact of the exercise concentrated on the middle part of the feet, can result in an injury. Wearing shoes that have thick and soft outsoles with high impact absorbing features can minimize such a strain.

#2 Have a bottle of water and a towel nearby


A workout with a vertical climbing machine engages the entire body. Thus, you’ll perspire, and you’ll dehydrate during the process. Make sure to have a towel nearby to wipe your sweat out and a bottle of water to rehydrate you.

#3 Adjust the handlebars and the foot pedal

Before starting with any workout, be sure to check whether the handlebars are tight enough for your grip and if their height is ideally suited for you. Also, test the foot pedals. Most Maxi Climbers are adjustable for comfort and maximum results.

If the food pedals are too high for you, begin in a comfortable height. Gradually, however, you need to increase the height of the foot pedal as you progress with your workout.

#4 Warm Up Before Exercise

You can perform a warm up using the maxi climber. For that, you have two options: using short strides and long strides.

For short strides, position your hands on the bars and do short up and down movements with your feet gently. Be sure to be stationary and avoid rocking from side to side. This will prevent hip injuries.

Short strides are designed to prime you up for the actions of rock climbing.

For long strides, perform the same action you did with the short stride but keep your strides 18 inches apart. Long strides warm your muscles up well for muscle building workout in your legs.


Workout machines, like the vertical climbing machine, are designed with the intent of maximizing a certain workout. Since they have been around for quite a time, it is likely that feedbacks and insights from past users have been considered in various redesigns.

A Maxi Climber is among the best cardio exercise machines that engage the entire body, burn the most calories and produce the best result.

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