How Obesity Rates really impact in United States?

August 15, 2017

It is one of the fastest growing diseases in the United States of America. Medically, it is defined as body mass index (BMI). BMI means the ratio between body mass and to height and as well as defined as kg/m2. It is measurement can vary on different groups such as people who belong to Caucasian; obesity measurement would be equal or greater than 30kg/m2. Therefore, people, who belong to other continents obesity BMI, would vary.

Obesity Impacts in the United States:

  • If the current obesity rates remain constant until the year of 2030 than 50% of the Americans would be obese.
  • If we look in the past, there is none of the states in the US having more than 15% obesity rate, at the moment in 41 states the rate has reached 25%; Trust for American’s Health stated that.
  • Since 1980 and until now the obesity rate in children is tripped.
  • America is one of the most affected nations by obesity.
  • Obesity is the root cause of 70% diseases in the US.
  • Young kids are affected due to diabetes.
  • Obesity is creating the huge economic burden on US economy.
  • Almost 80% of US citizens have the job without physical activity.
  • US government is spending almost $4.3 billion per annum.


In the United States, every 1.8 trillion has to be spent on poor health conditions, according to the US Department of Labor states. 1 US $ have to spent on wellness initiatives and on corporation 10$, in short, healthy employee suitable for employers.  We can say that the in future the money which corporation is spending on their employees would be compulsory according to their health condition. Those companies which spend their revenue on health programs which was 28%, currently it is lacking with the 26% on health care cost. If the corporate sector will not spend health care programs, then it may benefit to make better the work place.

Obesity effects Homeland security

The penetration of obesity in the United States in 1980’s was 15% and it is been doubled until now which is 30%. The overweight people were 50% and at the moment the ratio is almost up to 68%. There is the huge threat for America to defend the country militarily. There are large numbers of youngsters every year who failed to join the forces due to their overweight. Almost 27% of the youngsters between the ages of 17 to 24 don’t join armed forces due to their heavy weight and obesity is the ultimate disease in the US. The serving military establishment and retired ones had their serious concerns about the rapid growth of obesity in U.S. In the times of World War II, the Americans once showed their anger that the health issues should not be tolerated in school going kids. Because in the future they might faces serious setback recruiting the soldiers.

Obesity Impacts on health

Americans are spending 1$ on health care, 0.95$ on treatment and 0.05$ on preventive care. Obesity requires as whole cost between 147$ to 210$ billion dollars annually which is equal to 10% of the annual spending on medical issues. The people who are affected due to obesity spend almost 42% more than the healthy people. The expenditures only on child obesity are 14.1 billon dollars. The annual expenditures on a single child in the United States are 6730 US $, while average health expenses on all kids are 2446$. Almost 20% record increase in health care expenditures (since 1987 till 2007), the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office stated that.

United States Government is spending almost 200 billion and 21% medical costs in the U.S spending only on obesity.

Impact on Education

According to the studies, the students who are obese –and females students have low grades who are obese than the slimmer ones. The obese girls show their less interest in studies and don’t want to attend the school on regular basis. Studies have also shown that which is also published in the journal of Child Development that the kids who were in kindergarten and currently studying in fifth grade and obese perform poor in mathematics.

Those kids who are poor in health have more chances to pass the math test which is 2.4 times than the obese kids and 2.2 times chances of passing the math test compared to the aerobically unfit children. Therefore, it is a very alarming situation for the kids who are overweight or obese.

  • Lacking with the brain tissues leads kids into less IQ level and less thinking level.
  • The young kids having a weight don’t pay their attention in their schools and also unable to focus too long on understanding the piece of information and don’t learn the things fast than the other normal weight students.
  • Young kids those are obese unable to keep things in their minds as compared to the students who have normal weight.


Obesity is really impacting the United States in many ways if it continues with the current speed then it will be the major setback for America as a supreme nation of the world.


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