How Safe are Electronic Cigarettes as Compared to Conventional Cigarettes?

October 17, 2017

Many people are opting for various ways to leave smoking for getting rid of the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are based upon tobacco. They are regarded as the conventional means of cigarettes. Conventional cigarettes are very harmful for your health as they have at least 4000 dangerous chemicals like tar, carcinogens etc. Nicotine of conventional cigarettes is very high. The deposits of this chemical forms a thick layer on the lungs after a certain period of time. It leads to various diseases like cancer of lungs and asthma etc. It can even result in the death of the person over a period of time. People are therefore advised to leave this bad habit for the sake of their health. People smoking tobacco cigarettes are more prone to create secondary smokers, which can kill them with dangerous chemicals found in the smoke. With the advancement of technology now, electronic cigarettes have become common. The electronic cigarettes can help people leave this bad habit in a short period of time. Now the question, “How safe are E-cigarettes as compared to conventional cigarettes?” often crops up. These cigarettes aim to move people away from traditional ones. Electronic ones consist of a battery accompanied by a cartridge of nicotine. Electronic cigarettes have less amount of nicotine as compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes. This cigarette turns on automatically as soon as you try to inhale it. It is available in either two pieces or three pieces.

Most people are moving towards them in order to safeguard themselves from the dangerous effects of traditional ones. Suppliers of these cigarettes are informing the smokers with safety statements containing nicotine and improved safety. It has achieved enhanced satisfaction of smoking. Nowadays, people opt for nicotine less cartridges to satisfy the smoking desire. It is therefore a safe way to minimize the levels of nicotine in the lungs. Hence you are free from various harmful chemicals to safeguard your health. People often do use it as a good option of giving away smoking habit. Smoking of electronic cigarettes is therefore opted as a short term plan. FDA has not organized enough research on the safety aspects of these electronic cigarettes. Companies do advertise them like they can be taken up anywhere. People can opt for electronic cigarettes in the places where smoking is forbidden. They can be taken in offices and also in trains. But for the safer side, people should at least check this rule. Otherwise they end up with a heavy fine or an imprisonment of 1 year. Electronic cigarettes are available in attractive packages with good promises of savings on smoking cigarettes. They are usually done on an annual basis.

Smoking electronic cigarettes is a short term option of quitting smoking and living healthy and happy along with loved ones. People are suggested to read the genuine reviews of these cigarettes and select the best one according to the level of nicotine. It helps them a lot in satisfying their desire of smoking and also makes a good path to leave this bad habit. One should buy filter version of electronic cigarettes for reducing the inhaling of nicotine. This harmful element of nicotine is also present in our daily cup of coffee. Therefore it is advisable to consume less coffee for staying healthy and living a long life.

People can buy electronic cigarettes from the online stores available. You can save few dollars on each pack of electronic cigarettes. Even electronic cigarettes should be slowly discontinued for safeguarding the health. It also helps in saving a lot of money every year. The electronic cigarettes are considered one of the viable methods of quitting smoking. The electronic cigarettes don’t contain any harmful chemical substance with due passage of time. Traditional tobacco cigarettes contain affect the lungs of the user and can sometimes even lead to many dreadful diseases including lung cancer. The harmful substances thus found are hydrogen cyanide along with formaldehyde. It emits smoke on burning. Smoke when cools down get accumulated as tar. Many other poisonous chemicals are also found in the lungs resulting in many diseases in long run.

Among various chemicals of conventional cigarette formation, the ill effects of many are still to be known. The ill-effects are known only when people actually do become aware about it. Among the other ingredients, one of them is propylene glycol, which is not at all harmful for the health of the users. It is also used in making medicines, inhalers of asthma, various products of food, sterilization of drinking water along with manufacturing of cosmetics.

Though no one can say that nicotine found in refill cartridges of e-cigarettes is very safe to use but one can still claim that it is far safer than conventional cigarettes of tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are better than traditional ones and can be used by those who wish to quit smoking. They want to avoid the harmful effects of traditional ones. They can thus lead a healthy life without any health problems. Conventional cigarettes also contain certain substances which lead you to disease like cancer and other life threatening diseases. The electronic cigarettes are mainly used by people of younger generation. Manufacturers claim that they contain only negligible amounts of nicotine in the cartridges. The quantity is sufficient enough to make the younger people feel addicted towards it. The low amount of chemical substances in these electronic cigarettes shows the effects in the long term only. It is therefore very important to know that one should use these items within a certain limit only.

Therefore, it is advisable to use these devices very carefully and experience the pleasures in a desirable manner. The problem of passive smoking is also removed as there is no smoke for others to breathe and therefore no harmful carcinogens of the air. These devices are surely less polluting as compared to regular products of tobacco. There is also no ash or butts. Only you have to discard certain refills occasionally.


Meta description: Are Electronic Cigarettes really safe” is a general question asked by the users. Precisely speaking, E-cigs are not a cure of any disease or smoking habits but to certain extents these wonderful puffing e-cigarettes can reduce the use of tobacco filled cigarettes giving smell of tar and ash tray. Those who use smoking just for fun or to impress someone may get benefitted with this wonderful product.

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