A Simple Solution to a Flatter Tummy: Flat Tummy Water

April 11, 2017

Since childhood, we have involuntarily learned that the best solutions to our problems are fastest and easiest to follow. We want a quick fix for everything. A quick fix for a big belly. A quick fix for weight loss, say surgery or diet pills. So, that before you know it, your stomach bloat disappears.   


Reality says otherwise, quick solutions come along with a package of severe side effects, whereas simple solutions come along with a package of multiple other health benefits.  


The Flat Tummy Water is that ‘simple’ solution.  


The Flat Tummy Water is a mixture of drinking water stirred together with cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint leaves, basil leaves and salt. This simple recipe attacks your unappealing bloat and offers you true health benefits.  


If you are concerned about hydrating yourself, the Flat Tummy Water is your solution. If you feel discomfort due to out-of-control digestive issues, the Flat Tummy Water is your solution.   


It efficiently clears the way for food digestion. It drains away toxins from your body. This drink actually hits the nail on the head by keeping you regulated. 


As vegetables collaborate to this miraculous drink, you are sure to get a boost of vitamins and minerals. 

Flat Tummy Water is a totally natural remedy that can be prepared from the comforts of your kitchen. It’s a groundbreaking combination that powerfully combats digestive illnesses and tummy bloat.


The recommendation by Liz Vaccariello and Cynthia Sass of Prevention of its usage has earned it extra plus points. 


Let us dive deeper and consider the advantages each ingredient brings for your well-being. 



Cucumber hydrates your body and skin since it is made up of 95 percent of water. Allied with water, its anti-inflammatory compounds fight against unfavorable waste, such as build up, foods and toxins 

Cucumber provides you with 19 percent of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin K, which keeps your bone healthy, as mentioned by University of Maryland and Medical Center. Cucumber is also capable of giving a high amount of potassium without burdening you with calories. American Heart Association declared that potassium is vital for your heart’s health. Amazingly, 37 percent risk of cardiovascular disease is minimized by potassium, according to the Archives of Internal Medicine.



The Lemon water is well-known for its significance in keeping in check your taste buds- yearning for sugary drinks. It is also essential in keeping in check your metabolism. A claim by Dr. David Jocker of Exodus Health Center says that citric acid in lemon pairs with water to free your body from calcium stones, which have a potential to cause pancreatic and kidney stones. 


Lemons contain Vitamin C and essential antioxidants. Your immune system is supported by the antioxidants to aggressively confront undesired sicknesses and help your healthy state of mind.  

Relating from the statement of Megan Ware of Medical News Today, lemons improve your complexion, fight against cancer and cut down the risk of strokes. 



Ginger is really healthy, especially when it comes to clearing the digestive tract. A phenolic compound in ginger aids in relieving GI irritation given rise by foods, toxins or irregularities. It is safely said that ginger helps in the reduction of colon inflammation, eventually leading to the protection from colon cancer. This was shown by the study done at the University of Michigan Medical School. 



Like its fellow ginger, mint too helps benefit the digestion. The flow of bile through digestive tract is supported by the herb. Consequently, the herb quickens the digestion process, reduces belly fat and safeguards you from pain of digestive problems. Mint also offers you a package of Vitamin A, fiber, potassium and antioxidants. 



Basil leaves are rich in potent antioxidants. They are anti-aging agents too. Basil leaves are also rich in BCP ((E)-beta-caryophyllene), which effectively treat inflammatory illnesses, such as arthritis and bowel diseases. 


Don’t Forget: Ensure the use of fresh basil and mint leaves, while making Flat Tummy Water. This is to fully avail the benefits offered by the herbs. An ounce of fresh basil gives 30 percent of required Vitamin A than does the exact amount of dried basil leaves (giving only 4 percent instead). 


Recipe of Flat Tummy Water  



  1. 1 liter of drinking water 
  1. 10-12 slices of cucumber 
  1. 1 medium-sized lemon 
  1. 5 mint leaves 
  1. 5 basil leaves 
  1. 1 teaspoon of rock salt 



  1. Fill a glass jug with water 
  1. Add all the mentioned ingredients and mix well; ensuring that all ingredients are completely submerged in water 
  1. Refrigerate the water jug overnight 
  1. Next day, drink it in intervals for the entirety of your day 


Don’t Forget:  

  • Drink at least 2 glasses right after waking up 
  • Take 1 glass half an hour before your meal 
  • Drink one glass before bed 


It is amazing though, how a simple recipe gives you an energy boost to tackle all the burden the following day has to throw at you. This is specifically true when you have incorporated Flat Tummy Water in your day-to-day routine. The Flat Tummy Water gifts you with tremendous health benefits along with weight loss and fat reduction. 


What are you waiting for? 


More recommendation? 


Here is Nigil (a follower on stepin2mygreenworld.com): 

“Hi, Thanks for such a wonderful stuff. I lost 17.5 kg within 8 weeks, really great and it works a lot for me. thank you.” 


Here is Teresa: 

“I love this water and it has really worked for me.” 


Now rush to make Flat tummy Water right away! 

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