Personal Trainers Share Their Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

November 16, 2015

Yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day that feeds you, wakes you up, boosts your metabolism and makes you start your day in the best way possible. However, not all breakfasts are the same and just because experts recommend a big breakfast does not mean you can eat all sorts of unhealthy things. Sneaking an occasional waffle is OK, but not every single day. Your breakfasts need to be versatile, nutritive and healthy and here is what five personal trainers from all around the world suggest.

Summer and Winter Choices

Seattle-based personal trainer Elizabeth Robinson chooses her healthy breakfast depending on the season and she has recipes that are guaranteed to make you strong, healthy and fueled. Her summer breakfast consists of plain yogurt, sliced fruit, some maple syrup and whole grain bread while the winter pack includes three simple ingredients: a grain, a nut, and a fruit.

The best thing about these breakfasts is that they are adaptable and can be easily personalized – you can pick your own favorite grains (oatmeal, cereals, muesli or farina), nuts (walnuts, almond, and pecans) and fruits (banana, apple, berries). On the other hand, you can decide which yogurt or fruit to include in your warm-weather breakfast depending on your mood.

Small Bites, Big Flavor

Instead of limiting her breakfasts to oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit, Idalis Velazquez, a personal trainer from Miami, spices things up a little bit with mini muffin quiches. These bite-sized pieces of heaven take about 45 minutes to make, but are worth the wait and will, moreover, make you get up early, which is good for your metabolism.

This is basically your regular quiche in the form of muffins that will stay fresh for a while, so you can eat them for lunch or in the evening as well. Finally, they are light on calories, but high on taste and ideal for people on the go.

400 Calories or Less

Amir Siddiqui, a New York-born Dubai-based personal trainer, appreciates the importance of calories and urges you to make a tasty breakfast under 400 calories. The choices he offers are versatile and everyone can pick their favorite recipe – from healthy oatmeal and a protein smoothie to a quick omelet, a bagel or even a protein cake!

The purpose of such a breakfast is to provide you with energy, but not make you too full. If you overeat in the morning, you will be slow and inefficient throughout the day; however, if your breakfast consists of only 400 calories, you will be in a good mood, well fed and ready to make the most of your day.

healthy and nutritious breakfast with fresh fruits and vegetables on white, close-up

Do Not Forget the Chocolate!

This personal trainer from Virginia is all about the Average Joe – and she knows that Average Joes just love chocolate in the morning! That is why Brittany Mullins recommends delicious and easy-to-make chocolate banana overnight oats with protein powder. Not many people use this ingredient when making a healthy breakfast, but it will give the oats the extra power they need.

Mix protein powder, oats, almond milk and a mashed banana in a bowl until smooth and leave it in the fridge overnight. In the morning, add a sliced banana, some cacao nibs for extra taste and, optionally, a spoonful of almond butter and there you go – this breakfast is tasty, sweet and nutritive. And what more can you ask for?

Shake, Shake, Shake

Knowing how important a lean figure is – not just because of your appearance, but due to health issues as well – a celebrity trainer from Tennessee, Bob Harper, suggests a breakfast that will do wonders for your figure. His mixture of Greek yogurt, berries and nuts will jumpstart your metabolism and probably remain the most delicious meal you have had during the entire day. A proper breakfast is paramount if you want to lose weight and this one will surely be your biggest ally in this battle.

Combining the appropriate amounts of protein, carbs, and good fats, this recipe provides you enough energy for the entire day, yet does not go overboard. It is nutritive and full of fibers that will make your metabolism work for hours to come and ensure proper digestion which is also important when losing weight. Finally, Harper’s philosophy and this particular recipe have been proven over and over in The Biggest Loser, so you can be completely sure that his methods work.

Diversification is the Key

Not eating the same things every single day is very important when it comes to breakfast. People quickly get tired by repetitive food choices and turn to whatever is in their fridge – chances are they will choose unhealthy food. That is why you should change your morning menu as often as possible and invest some time and effort into it – luckily, there is a wide variety of healthy options out there to choose from.

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