Tongkat Ali: The Indonesian’s Natural Secret to Health Improvement

July 26, 2016

What is Tongkat Ali?

As we age, the hormone levels in our body dwindle. The hormone testosterone when low usher a host of problems particularly among males. Testosterone levels are at its peak around the age of 25 to 30 years of age but these levels slowly drop below 50% at the age of 60. The result would be decreased muscle mass, lack of mental dexterity and decreased strength; pretty much translates to decreased overall well-being. But there’s one condition that is linked to decreased testosterone and usually is the subject of greatest concern – lack of sexual vigor.

The sexual enhancement industry is a billion dollar industry. This fact alone is a testament that there’s a problem and drug companies are aggressively milking the proverbial cow. Synthetic testosterone replacements are available with or without prescription and aside from the drugs alone, nutritional supplements that claim can help are available even at your local grocery store. It is well documented that the use of these synthetic drugs may cause unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.  A simple example would be a person suffering from a heart, liver or kidney disorder. These drugs are definitely not favored and it is very unlikely that your doctor will advise that you use any.  What then is the alternative? Well, there’s no surprise that nature has a remedy for this problem and it’s called Tongkat Ali.

The plant known as Tongkat Ali is native in South East Asian rain forests. Otherwise known as Malaysian ginseng or by its scientific name Eurycoma Longigolia, the plant offers a range of healing properties and is widely used by locals in the mountains of Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam. Before the height of its global popularity, the root extract has been used as an aphrodisiac or a remedy to cure age related sexual disorders. Simply put, TongKat Ali has been used for years as nature’s version of Viagra, and no, it’s not limited to men, women benefit from the effects of this wonderful herb just the same.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Like most of nature’s remedies, Tongkat Ali also offers wide range of medicinal and antioxidant properties. Although largely popular as a male enhancement supplement, the root extract can be used to relieve one from fever.  It is also used on digestive tract to treat disorders like diarrhea, indigestion and to more serious conditions like intestinal worms.  Other South East Asian countries use the plant as a paste to relive one from head ache or stomach aches just like you would with Vic’s Vapo-Rub. Others even claim that it can help improve weight loss! Decoctions of the roots have even used to cure depression, high blood pressure and malaria. Even today, studies reveal that athletes taking Tongkat Ali show significant performance improvements with regular use. These came from professional athletes, weightlifters and regular Joes who love to exercise.

Studies are currently being done to know the possible cancer – fighting property of the herb since previous studies reveal that the chemicals compounds found in the root extract helped inhibit the effects of cancer, preventing the spread of the cells in the body. One study in 2005 concluded that there was decreased growth of breast cancer cells when the herb was used regularly. In another study conducted by the National Cheng Kung University, they concluded that there was decreased growth of lung cancer cells. These studies only mean one thing, that is, Tongkat Ali is a nature’s wonder drug.

Even with its fever-relieving, digestive tract healing possible cancer-fighting, properties, Tongkat Ali is most popularly known as a sexual supplement.  According to reports, Tongkat Ali, helps improve the fertility in men by improving the quality of semen and sperm count. An increased sperm count simply mean that there’s a higher chance for a pregnancy to occur. In women, Tongkat Ali seems to increase their libido too making them want to be more intimate with their partner and the love making more intense.

A study in Malaysia concluded that those who participated in their tests showed double levels of testosterone after month of regular use. This might be an outlandish claim and one done on animals and humans but a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition confirmed these claims plus health benefits of Tongkat Ali especially from its root extract. The study found out that the peptide present on the plant helps release the testosterone from the proteins binding them, in turn improving hormone profiles. The release of testosterone is directly linked to increased libido and increased overall well-being.

Where To Buy Tongkat Ali?

You might be wondering now, exactly where you can get your hands on some root or plant components and prepare your own tonic. Sourcing the natural plant parts may prove difficult but you don’t really need to traditionally prepare the plant to get its benefits. Largely due to its safe nature and the studies conducted supporting its medicinal properties, Tongkat Ali is widely available as a supplement to the general public and since it’s not a drug, regulations aren’t so strict for one to acquire a bottle or two. You can buy a bottle or in small packs at your local supermarket, grocery store and drug store. You can even order from the comfort of your home by buying online. This definitely is more convenient and practical than preparing your own Ali tonic.

But before you buy a supplement labeled as such, you have to be cautious that you’re purchasing the real thing. Because of its popularity and the fact that it improves sexual performance, thousands of fake formulas crowd the market. In fact, a 2006 study by the Malaysian Drug Control Authority revealed that these fake Tongkat Ali supplements contained dangerous levels of mercury.  In a nutshell, mercury can affect the brain and cause defects in newborns, something you don’t want. It is important that you buy from a trusted and well known source.

Whether you want to improve your overall well-being or you want to address that common, embarrassing problem that males over 30 have, we definitely recommend that you buy Tongkat Ali. The fact that it’s safe and the benefits of this wonder herb has been proven clinically and scientifically is enough a reason for you to add a bottle into your cart and order today.

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