Top 10 reasons to Start Drinking More Water

February 2, 2017

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” W.H Auden

So true! You cannot live without water. It gives life, nurtures and sustains it too. Whether you like it or not, drinking it in plenty is important to keep your bodily systems working at their optimum. Water is the most important nutrient.

Some people tend to drink only when they are thirsty, this is neither recommended by experts nor us. Your body loses water frequently in the form of sweat or urine. It is actually a regular, detoxifying process wherein the water takes away with it all the impurities from the body and ensure they do not get stacked inside to cause problems in future. This lost water must be replenished so that all the organs function well within the body.

If you are still living in the world of ignorance, here are the 10 reasons you must start drinking water for ASAP.

Fight Fatigue

Dry mouth, dizziness, confusion, weakness, lethargy are all symptoms of fatigue. Ever wondered, what causes it? Fluids being lost and not replenished can force the heart to work harder than normal to push nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. Drinking water will make this process easy. So, refuel your body and keep fatigue miles away. It keeps you energized and alert all day long.

Lose Weight

A study found that people who are well hydrated had a higher BMI than others who weren’t. Also the ones who are not well hydrated were more likely to be obese. Let’s understand this. Drinking more water keeps the body toxin-free and this gives a boost to your metabolism. Better metabolism means better results post workout. So, those who experiment with dehydration to lose weight are actually playing with their health.


The kidneys regulate body fluids and help a body get rid of toxins. Water aids it in functioning well. 20 percent of blood passes through it every time your heart beats. So, if this process isn’t working well due to lower blood volume, it means lesser blood will flow through it and lesser toxins would be removed. The more water you drink, the more dilute these fluids are and more toxins are removed by the kidneys. When kidneys don’t receive enough water, we are prone to falling ill.

Healthy, Beautiful Skin

It is the largest organ of the body and requires water just like other organs to function well. Water being the elixir it is ensures that your skin looks radiant, healthy and younger. Water improves circulation and transports more nutrients to the skin. Believe it or not, a well hydrated skin shows wrinkles much later in life when you would require Revitol anti aging moisturizing cream for these kind of results. The clear liquid is also known for alleviating skin issues like acne. It also protects skin from toxic materials, microorganisms and UV radiations. Avoid alcohol and diuretics, they cause dehydration.

Healthy Digestive System

For proper digestion, it is important to drink water and food that contains more water. It is also needed for digesting soluble fiber. This process aids in forming soft stools that can pass easily without causing troubles such as constipation. When you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys absorb water and this turns your colon dry. This makes it difficult for the stool to pass through and causes pain. Need we add more.

Uplift Mood

Problems like constipation can turn one cranky. When one feels tired and has no energy to work or enjoy life, it can be another mood spoiler. There are studies confirming that water is actually the mood maker. You drink well, you feel better about your body as it functions well and that gets reflected through your mood. It’s good both for physical as well as mental well being. Water alleviates sleep disorders (major cause for crankiness) and depression to say the least.

Boost Immune System

Dehydration can affect the energy levels and sleep and hence the capability of a body to remove toxic materials. A person may lose appetite as well. Toxin buildup can further cause the immune system to grow weak. To build one’s immunity or maintain its strength, drink plenty of water. It minimises risk of disease and infection. Water is known for averting diseases like colon cancer by 45% and bladder cancer by 50%.

Curb Headache

You may be surprised to learn that your brain is 90% water. Out of all the reasons for headache, one that is often mistaken is due to dehydration. Yes, that’s true. When your body isn’t fed with enough water, the brain tissue loses water, shrinks and moves away from the skull. You may be surprised to learn that your brain is 90% water. The pain receptors then trigger pain, you call it a headache. Another reason for this headache can be a reduction in blood volume which then reduces transport of oxygen and blood to the brain.

Please note that 92% of blood plasma is water and it makes 55% of blood volume. It is responsible for maintaining blood pressure and supplying proteins needed for building immunity. It maintains pH balance in the body by exchanging minerals, good for cell function. With a lower blood plasma volume, the cells don’t function at their optimum.

Happy Joints

When you drink plenty of water you tell glucosamine to decrease the joint pain; it helps cartilage absorb more water and keeps the cartilage soft thus making your joints happy. This also means that you can exercise for longer duration without your muscles crying with pain aka cramps.

Maintain Body Temperature

Lastly, water helps in thermoregulation. So drink plenty of water so that this basic physiological process in your body doesn’t affect it badly. It cools down the body during warmer months and prevents problems like heat stroke.

Final Words

And water doesn’t imply clear glass full of transparent liquid. It can be had from fruits, vegetables, tea, juices and some foods you eat. Just remember to gulp down as much as possible. There is no fixed limit, just remember your body shouldn’t feel dehydrated. How to judge that? A clear measure of this that you shouldn’t feel thirsty and your urine should be transparent.

The bottom line

Just remember to hydrate yourselves.

Author Bio:

Alleice Rodriquez is a skin care expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people. She regularly contributes her write ups to health or skin care related websites and blogs. In her free time she loves to travel, fashion shows and music.

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