Top 5 Benefits of Using Spin Bike in Fitness

January 12, 2018

It hurts.

Seeing your waistline becoming more visible with each passing week.

While there could be many reasons for this monstrosity – bad diet, unhealthy routine, and erratic sleeping patterns being some of them, the result is only one.

Your favorite suit – which you bought last year, becoming tight.

Don’t want to discard that favorite suit of yours? Want to get back in shape? Looking forward to meeting your New Year resolution of getting slim?

Of course, that’s the reason why I’ve come here – I hear you say?

OK, then.

You need to learn the benefits of using spin bike in fitness.

#1: Burn Calories and Lower Heart Stress

When we’re using a spin bike, we’re putting some of the largest muscles in our body to action i.e. quadriceps and gluteus maximus. Since these muscles don’t get into action every now and then, using them means you’re consuming a lot of energy – at least 600calories an hour.

If you think this figure is huge, consider this: you can burn even more calories if you go without any breaks during the spinning session. And you can do that since, unlike that of road bikes, you don’t have to be aware of dangers i.e. cars and water while spinning at your home.

Since you can make it as intense as you want, a study carried out in Sweden states that if you spin for one hour, you may release blood chemicals associated with the lowering of heart stress. Also known as biomarkers, the release of these chemicals means your heart would be in a better condition at the end of the spinning workout.

What’s more, the study mentioned above was carried out on healthy individuals – those which already had their heart functioning properly. Consider what the advantages will be for persons who are suffering from heart diseases.

Pro Tip:

If you’re new to the spinning exercise class, beware of overdoing it. For, according to research, overdoing spinning can have a bad effect on your kidneys. Hence, when you’re just starting, give your body the time to adapt and don’t rush.

#2: Good For Adults and Youngsters alike

One of the best things about spinning exercise is the fact that nearly everybody can do it. Regardless of whether you’re in your early twenties or late sixties, you could always find a spinning regime to suit your style.

For, unlike running – which involves jarring and pounding of joints, there are no such exertions associated with spinning. Once you have fitted properly to the spinning bike, you’ll be able to avoid the joint pains, sprains and related injuries which normally come with running.

Provided you are serious in your exercise, you may increase the resistance and cadence over time. And with the increase of both, you’ll be able to tone your leg muscles while also giving your abs a good workout.

#3: Improve Your Body’s Overall Health

Want to lower your blood pressure, fat mass, and cholesterol while improving the composition of your body? Then start spinning, says Jinger Gottschall who teaches Kinesiology as an Associate Professor at Penn State University.

In one of her researches, she has shown how spinning increases the fitness levels, even in the fittest of athletes by increasing heart and lung capacity. More importantly, for cardio-workout enthusiasts, they can get the intensity of a stair climber or treadmill but WITHOUT the impact.

#4: Recover from an Orthopedic Injury

One of the qualms which people face while recovering from an orthopedic injury is to decide on a recuperating exercise. Make it too-intense, and they risk aggravating the injury. Conversely, if the exercise is too benign, it would have no impact whatsoever on the rehab process.

Luckily, the low-impact nature of the spinning exercise makes it ideal for persons recuperating from orthopedic injuries. Since it allows them to adjust the resistance and moderate the intensity of their rides, spinning exercise makes for a very good recuperating tool.  

#5: It releases endorphins

Feeling depressed of late? Think the workload has got too much? Want to get back that feel good factor which you so adore?

Spinning (and the resultant endorphins) might help.

Once you have done your spinning exercise for the day, your body will release chemicals known as endorphins. After their release, these chemicals will interact with your brain receptors, reducing its perception of pain. More importantly, they trigger a feel-good feeling in your body, leaving you euphoric.


Since they are innumerable, churning out all the advantages associated with a spinning exercise was beyond the scope of this article. What we did, therefore, was to highlight the ones which we found to motivate most people towards spinning.

And as is evident from the benefits mentioned above, spin bikes can have a transforming effect on your life. Therefore, whether you’re recuperating from an orthopedic injury, want to say goodbye to your high-stress levels or looking for ways to control your expanding waistline, you need to use a spin bike.  


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