Top 8 Reasons to Love Cycling

December 8, 2016

Health enthusiasts have always been fond of cycling as one of their workout regime. Whilst it is good to breathe a fresh air and see scenery while exercising, it’s a disadvantage when the weather is not cooperating. That’s where indoor cycling comes in. In this fun activity, you get to experience the full benefits of outdoor cycling at the comfort of your home.

Here are the other 8 reasons why you should consider indoor cycling as a go-to exercise routine.


  • Develops Muscle Tone and Joint Strength


Want to have a toned body and healthy joints?

Indoor cycling is your answer. It is the best alternative to the gym and it can help you improve muscle tones in the area of your stomach, butt and legs. It also strengthens the muscles of your calf when you do the pedal strokes.


  • Whole Body Workout, Not Just Legs


We all want to have a perfect and fit body from head to toe. But sometimes it’s hard to achieve this as we tend to spend so much time doing exercise routine which focuses on a single or particular part only. Before we know it, we have already spent all our energy on one target area only.

What’s great about indoor cycling is that it’s a holistic workout where all of your body is moving. You may think that it only focuses on the legs, but it’s an ideal exercise that focuses on your whole body.


  • You Get an Ab Workout as Well


Have you been straining yourself doing crunches and sit-ups to achieve that 6-pack ab that you want?

Indoor cycling is a fun and easy alternative. As you pedal, it gives pressure on your stomach area which results to a toned and well-sculpted abs. If you are using an upright stationary bike, concentrate on tightening your stomach muscles during your workout to get the optimum ab result. You can also opt for a recumbent bike instead of an upright bike as it gives a better result.

As you pedal, you are also pedaling your way towards great abs.


  • You Can Progress at Your Own Pace


Whether you are enrolled in an indoor cycling class or you do it in the comfort of your own home, there is no pressure in performing this exercise routine as you can set your own pace. You can control your speed based on the outcome that you desire. If you are a beginner or want just a light exercise, you can pedal slowly and comfortably. But if you want an extreme workout to deliver the maximum result, turn the volume of your music up and be lost in your own world pedaling. The amount of resistance and strength that you apply is entirely up to you.


  • Low Impact with Great Result


Most people that just started out using an exercise machine like stair stepper, elliptical or treadmill complains of having experienced a traumatic impact on their feet or knees. Indoor cycling, on the other hand, allows you to work out hard without hurting your knees or feet. It is also a great alternative to those who find it difficult to use an elliptical or treadmill due to their bone issues like arthritis. Compared with running, indoor cycling makes you feel better and less beaten up after a ride. It lets you get a great result without having to strain much your muscles and other body parts.


  • Independent of Weather: Snow, Rain or Summer


One of the most common reasons why people can’t get an exercise is the weather. No one wants to jog when the rain is pouring hard. When the weather is so hot or humid, most people would rather cool off at home than go to the gym.

Indoor cycling, on the other hand, does not depend on the type of weather at all. You can sweat out and burn those stubborn fats whether it is raining, snowing or very hot outside. You can have that healthy and fit body that you want all year long.


  • It Improves Your Cardiovascular Health


A healthy cardiovascular system is essential in order for people to have a fit and good overall health quality. Indoor cycling is an impressive type of cardio workout that can deliver this result. As you pedal, your endurance and strength are built up and your cardio fitness is improved. Just a 10-minute indoor cycling session can improve your energy level and mood.


  • Your Legs Get Leaner, Not Bulkier


If you want lean and toned legs, indoor cycling is your answer. It gives you carved calves, toned thighs and tight butt. Adjust your pace or resistance to get the leg-improving benefits that it provides.

Indoor cycling can burn an approximately 450 calories per hour and this calorie-burning benefit helps to give you a slim leg. To get the maximum leg result, cycle at a pace between 80 and 110 revolutions per minute as it strengthens the endurance of your leg muscles, this in turn, trims the fat.

These 8 reasons will surely turn you into an indoor cycling enthusiast. Start pedaling your way to a healthy and toned body.

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