Treat your back properly and put a stop to pain

March 11, 2016

Your back is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and every bit of neglect and improper lifestyle are going to make your back hurt. Therefore, apart from some obvious back-related changes in your daily routine, start taking better care of yourself in general and your back will be pain-free as well.

Exercise regularly

Following a regular workout routine has incredibly many benefits, one of them being bone and muscle strengthening. With proper assistance of your bones and muscles, your back would not have a lot of trouble with supporting your whole body and therefore you will prevent or cure any possible pains. Still, if your back starts hurting while you are exercising, allow yourself one or two days of rest, but no more than that.

Balanced diet

If you are overweight and you are experiencing back pains, the chances are that your weight is putting great strain on your spine. This is why together with regular exercise, following a proper diet routine will make your weight loss journey more efficient and your back will not have to endure more that what it was naturally meant to do.

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Good sleeping position

Bad sleeping position sometimes can cause great back pains which will even cause the person to wake up or have restless night. The best sleeping position is on the side with knees slightly bent towards the body, but if you cannot get used to this position or still experience pain, consult with your doctor on possible solutions and advice on best mattresses and pillows that will provide perfect back and neck support.

Proper posture

Your body position when you are awake is as important as when you sleep. If you have to sit in front of a computer for a long period of time, invest or choose a chair with straight back and try to sit upright with knees a bit higher than your hips. On the other hand, if you have to stand for long during the day, try to keep your back straight with tucked up tummy and rest one foot on the stool from time to time, changing the foot as you do so.

Right way to lift

Back pain and injuries can happen due to the wrong way of lifting heavy objects. A lot of people try to lift things without bending their knees thus putting all the strain on their back. When you need to lift something heavy, bend your knees and use the strength of your legs, arms and tummy to do this and completely neutralize your back in the process.

Choose a good bag

When it comes to carrying your stuff around with you, whether the bag is fashionable or not should not be your prior concern. Best bags are cross body messenger bags with wide strap. With a strap on one shoulder and the weight of the bag on the opposite side of the body, the burden on your back will be equally distributed. If you really prefer having handbags, change your hands while carrying it from time to time. And, at all costs, avoid having a messenger bag hanging from the same shoulder and side of your body.

Avoid tight clothes

Even though skinny jeans and tight clothing in general might be trendy it can cause severe back pain and muscle stiffness. As a rule, it is very difficult and restraining to move in tight clothing which can really put a strain to your spine and back muscles. Being able to move freely without any restrictions and feeling comfortable in your clothes is the basis of treating your body the way it deserves and having room to work on your posture.

Say no to uncomfortable shoes

The world of shoes is so great and colorful that sometimes it is easy to forget about your own comfort when choosing footwear. Still, if you want to prevent or get rid of back pain, avoid very high heels and completely flat shoes. Both of these put the body in an unnatural position thus making the spine enduring unnecessary strain. The best option for any type of footwear is to have good sole support and 3 cm heel.

Discover yoga

Next to regular exercises, yoga has some extra useful benefits when it comes to stress relief and improving the elasticity of your body. Stretching and different yoga positions will relax your muscles and improve the strength of your core and your spine thus making any back pains disappear. Once you feel the benefits yoga can bring, one can even get a yoga certification in order to help other people with similar problems.

Basically, invest in yourself. Nothing is worth the sacrifice if you are going to endure the pain all the time. By being responsible towards yourself and your body, you will bring much necessary happiness into your life.

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