Is it True That Pregnant Women Who Take Supplements Are Wasting Their Time?

March 17, 2017

The pregnancy period is a challenging and fulfilling experience in the life of any woman. Moreover, it is also an important period in the life of the father who lives every second of this experience together with his life partner. However, in terms of health and strength, the woman needs to pay careful attention during this period for keeping herself and the baby healthy.  Careful attention needs to be paid to the eating habits as well as the necessity to take supplements for enhancing the strength during this challenging period.

In terms of supplements, there has always been a controversy in terms of opinions shared by specialists and future moms. It is all about expressing an opinion based on the experience that was lived during this period. However, most studies have proven the fact that supplements feature a wide range of benefits for future moms. The important thing to remember though is that these should only be taken when recommended by the doctor. Additionally, a woman getting ready to become a mom must also have all the necessary medical check-ups in order. This way, she will always be aware of any changes in her body or health status. Let’s see why supplements are beneficial for pregnant women when these are taken following medical recommendations.

Folic acid before conception: important for proper fetal development

One of the most common supplements taken by pregnant women before conception is folic acid. This has proven to be not only beneficial but necessary both for the future mom and the baby. Its most important benefit is that it helps provide proper fetal development. Therefore, pregnant women need to take this according to their doctor’s recommendations and the results obtained by them from their regular medical check-ups.

Moreover, specialists say that it is recommended to take acid folic even before conception. This is mainly because the exact moment of conception cannot be estimated. Therefore, when women decide to try and get pregnant they should also start including folic acid into their daily schedule. This way, they will make sure to have the necessary amount when they get pregnant. The levels of folic acid are very important immediately after conception. Therefore, this seems to be the best plan for women planning their next stage in life.

Why is folic acid useful? Mainly because it helps prevent defects such as the ones encountered in the neural tube of the baby. Moreover, it helps develop the brain as well as the cord well. Additionally, proper cell production is enhanced due to folic acid and other supplements recommended to pregnant women by their doctors according to their medical status at any given stage of pregnancy.

Iron supplements for the reduction of preterm birth risks

Another important supplement to consider when your doctor recommends it is the iron one. This ingredient has the ability to help the body properly transport oxygen thus prevents anemia in all stages of pregnancy. Carrying out a baby is the most fulfilling experience in the life of a woman but also a challenging one in which any risks need to be eliminated. When your health status is regularly checked, the doctor recommends you personalized treatments and supplements which you should not ignore. Iron has the ability to reduce preterm birth risks or low birth weight babyrisks. Sometimes you can achieve proper levels of iron through proper intake of specific food. However, when you do not manage to achieve this based on your eating habits, such supplements are the right option for you.


Proper levels of calcium for healthy teeth and bones

When women are pregnant, their body goes through an endless list of changes. They need to pay more attention to these changes so that their doctor might recommend proper supplements to help avoid any risks for themselves and their future babies. Calcium is one of the essential factors involved in healthy pregnancy. Additionally, you need proper levels of calcium in the body to preserve your teeth and bones in proper conditions.

If you can obtain the calcium you need from food, this is great. However, when this is not the case you should take calcium supplements as recommended by the doctor with confidence. These will help you keep your body strong and ready to deliver your baby in proper conditions.

Finally, listen to your doctor and make sure you follow all the necessary steps to be a healthy pregnant woman looking to see her baby for the first time. Folic acid, iron and calcium as well as other supplements or creatine capsules have their benefits for pregnant women who need them. Take these when recommended by the doctor and they will help you keep yourself healthy and ready to deliver a healthy baby.


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