Why Is The Most Popular Rule Of Weight Loss Completely Wrong?

December 21, 2015


Reminders that we need to stay in shape are all around us. Weight loss segments are on the radio, the news, and plastered on the front cover of nearly every magazine that you pass. Why is this? It’s because the average person is not in the shape that they want to be in.

However are these magazines and radio ads filling your head with sage advice or false hope? When the media mentions weight loss, they are often talking about a new fitness craze. But you will not lose weight just by working out. The truth of weight loss is that it is primarily about what you are putting into your body on the daily basis. Your consistent diet is what determines whether or not you will be able to lose and keep off the weight.

Why does your diet matter so much when trying to lose weight?

Although we may not want to face up to this fact, the secret to losing weight is not a secret at all, and it has very little to do with how many hours you put in at the gym each week. Your diet can be up to eighty percent of the deciding factor when it comes to losing weight. That only leaves thirty percent of your weight loss up to working out. That ratio is shocking, but it is something that you need to face if you want to lose weight. You can go to the gym every single day but if you are not eating balanced, healthy meals, and some super juices for weight loss, consistently you will not meet your weight loss goals.

It’s impossible to lose weight when you are filling your body with more fat and sugar on the daily basis than it can use. Fat and sugar have their own place in a healthy diet. That is why they are listed on the food pyramid. However, our bodies can only make use of so much of these foods per day. If you are trying to lose weight, then you are trying to combat new fat cells from forming as well as trying to rid your body of the fat cells that you already have on your body.

Our body makes use of the food that we put into our bodies by harnessing the nutrients and using them in order to keep our organs functioning properly. It also converts food into energy. But if you do not portion the food that you eat your body correctly will not be able to make use of the food that put into it, much less burn the existing fat. Simply adding high fiber diets, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids can safely lower your bad cholesterol numbers and improves your overall health. Before starting any new diet or treatment, it is also best to speak with your health care provider to prevent any complications.


The truth about weight loss is a difficult pill to swallow.

The saying “you are what you eat” holds water for many reasons and it definitely applies here. What you put into your body determines how it looks on the outside. For some, changing the way that they eat and breaking the negative habits that they may have been building for decades takes much more dedication and discipline than going to the gym for thirty minutes five days a week.

For many people, food is even more than just part of their daily routine, or the fuel that keeps them going. For a lot of people, food is an escape, a reward, and something that brings joy into their life. If they are not eating healthy foods, breaking these chains that are holding them down can seem impossible.

Weight loss supplements like cts360, phenolox and many more that are currently in the market claim to give you instant results should be taken with caution, though natural weight loss plans are hugely recommended.

You need to change your lifestyle.

When people are trying to lose weight they are often looking for a trick or a secret that will help them lose weight quickly and easily, but you don’t just want to lose the weight, you also want to keep it off. You have to change the way that you eat and the way that you look at food. Not for a week or thirty days, forever. This is the only surefire way that you can keep the weight off. Many rush diets don’t teach people discipline. If you spend thirty days depriving your body of foods that you would normally eat and then go straight back to your old ways, you will most likely end up gaining back the weight.





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