10 Simple Steps to a Healthier Version of You

March 16, 2017

Many people these days complain about the weight gain in spite of trying everything right from dieting to following a proper food chart to going to the gym. Often people get bored of the same old route at the health club. So here are some fun ways to stay fit and healthy without going to your old boring gym.

Mend your eating habits

Eating healthy things at proper time intervals would help you achieving a good body shape and would also make you look sleek, slender and fit. Breakfast is the most important part of one’s diet. So, don’t ever think to skip breakfast. If you were not having the breakfast properly, start eating from this moment. Take a full glass of milk with lots of fruits. Alternatively, you can also go for carbohydrates and some lean protein diets. Rather than taking three full and heavy meals, go for four to five short meals. Like this, you would not only feel full but also would be able to avoid overeating.

Create a boot camp

Create your own boot camp at home or in a park. All you need to do is wear your sweatshirt, track pants, shoes and you’re ready! You can try push-ups, triceps dips and sit ups each for 60-90 seconds. Repeat the same as and when needed. Try to push yourself every time when you put your foot down for the workout.


Walking is super fun and easy because you don’t need anything extra except a pair of good shoes. Take a walking tour of your city or a nearby place and learn something new by walking. Alternatively, you can also resort to biking. It will also be helpful in reducing stress and would allow you to get Vitamin D.


Hiking is a great way to do exercise and get some fresh air while exploring new places. Grab your friends, wear your shoes and feel accomplished after you’re done with exploring new places.

A track workout

Running on a treadmill can be very boring. But if you head up to a nearby jogging track, it can be a lot of fun. Set your stopwatch and give yourself a time limit. Your body would burn more calories than ever before. You can also browse the internet to find out new and innovative ways to use the treadmill if you’re bored with the conventional way.

Team up

It’s always good to find someone who would accompany you while you’re carrying your routine exercise. So gang up in the team of 2, 3, 4 or 5. The best part is you won’t get bored and also won’t find excuses to avoid the workout. Make a proper plan and jot down all the exercises that you would carry out. Also, ensure to allow a proper time frame for each of the exercise. Use a journal to track your progress and note downs the highs and lows. When you face something bad, write down that too.

Don’t sit at a place for more than 30 minutes.

People who sit for more than 30 minutes at one single place are more vulnerable to back pain. It is being said that you burn 33% more calories while standing. Also employ frequent walking around as it would help you in stretching your muscles and would also help you in improving your posture.  

Make the best use of discounts available online

There are many online stores which provide great deals on rock climbing, yoga sessions, Zumba etc. You can look for such stores to make your workout exciting. One such store is boots. You can save using boots discount codes while making any purchases.

The Household chores hack

Household chores such as cleaning, dusting can be turned into a very good workout. Put on some peppy songs, sneakers and go ahead. Additionally, you can also do some cardiovascular such as cycling, skipping a rope etc. Such exercises done for even about half an hour would make a huge difference.

Do some charity work

Volunteer for a community service project, such as cleaning the roads, parks or other green space is a great way to burn some fat. If you spend the whole day carrying such noble acts, it will definitely count.

The lukewarm water tip

Lukewarm water is a very good remedy to burn fat. If you want to stay fit start drinking a glass of lukewarm water as soon as you get up in the morning. Mixing it with a few drops of honey and a slice of lemon would just be a cherry on the cake.

Be your own yoga instructor

One of the best things to stay fit is to practice yoga and the best part about yoga is you just need your body and a mat to do it. There are an infinite number of yoga tutorials available on the web. You can see them and pick what you think is suitable for you.

Health is wealth and one should always be very skeptical about maintaining a good health. Because if your body stays fit, then only your mind would work properly. Follow these super easy tips to always stay fit and in shape.

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